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Thread: What type of personality does your baby/child have?

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Gabby is very much like her Mumma... pretty easy going usually but can get stressed easily, LOL
    She's actually a cheeky little monkey. If she is doing something that I don't want her to do (pulling on an extension cord, playing with a bit of dirt or trying to stand up in the bath), she thinks it's funny for me to say no! When I approach her, she tries to crawl away! Already she is running away from me!
    It's not easy to get her to laugh. Some babies crack up laughing at the slightest thing but Gabby makes us earn those giggles! She has been smiling a lot more as she has gotten older (in the first few months we were lucky to catch a smile with the camera).
    She loves the sound of her own voice (at the moment I can hear her saying "Dad dad dad" over the monitor and blowing raspberries very loudly.
    I guess I'll have to check back in as she gets older to see if she has retained these bits of her personality. I think she's going to be a bit of a bossy-boots like me too. She won't have her father's placid nature, LOL.

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    LOL reading this makes me realise that there are others out there like Matilda LOL.... I know Emma (forestaffords) is alot like her, but hearing others is reassuring too!!!

    Matilda is head strong, independant, active, full-on and hilarious. She is so funny! She is so determinded to grow up its scary.

    Like others, she rolled at 10 weeks, crawled at 4 1/2 months (commando) sat up & crawled by 6 months, walked at 9 months and is 19 months now stringing 2-3 words together at a time...

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    I think Matthew is pretty easy going too. He smiles and giggles alot but is very shy when new people come up to him - although that may be the age he is at.

    Its exciting watching him and wondering what his personality will end up being, probably shy and sensitive just like his mum and dad!

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    On the whole Yasin is a fairly easy going little guy. He doesn't crack it too often and when he has a little tantie he usually gets over it quite quickly. He's really chatty and will talk to himself or the cat if I'm busy (I love the sound of him chatting - I'm going to miss it one day) but with strangers he's a little bit shy and much quieter.
    He's really busy and energetic but he also has his quiet reflective moments when he will come and lie beside me and mellow out for a while. He's really determined and when he wants to do something he will keep trying until he gets it or crack a hissy fit until he gets help or I distract him. He's recently started climbing which gives me heart attacks but since I geuss that its normal behaviour for an active little person I try and steer him away from the more dangerous areas rather than trying to stop him completely.
    He's also really affectionate and melts my heart when he takes time out to come over for a cuddle - but only for a few seconds before he gets busy again.
    He's a real daddy's boy and will always choose his father's company over mine - sometimes I feel a little envious 8-[

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