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Thread: What is your 16 month old up to?

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    Question What is your 16 month old up to?

    Hi! I'm just wondering what other 16 month olds are up to... My little fella still has 3 drinks of milk a day (in a sippy cup), sleeps twice a day (for about 1-2 hours each time) and runs around like crazy...he's not 'talking' as such but does say some words too.

    I'm home with our DS every day at this stage still too...we get out to see lots of other kids & adults and he's VERY social and VERY outgoing... In fact, he won't even look back for me as soon as he gets to the ground at a playground or playgroup.

    I have no idea when I 'should' cut him back on the milk or cut him down to one day sleep...he's going well at the moment so I'm not in any hurry to do either... Just wondering what other 16 month olds are up to.

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    well Jack is 15mths 1week 2 days old

    he still has between 2-4 bottles of milk a day anywhere from 120ml -200ml a go he will not take milk from a sipper or cup just spits it out, I am letting him just go with the flow here, he doesn't have bottles to sleep its more a mid morning mid afternoon ealry evening thing

    drinks approx 1 + litres H2O a day, from a tommee tippee straw cup

    has 3 meals a day and occasion al mid morning/afternoon snack again we go with the flow he lets us know when he is hungry

    has 1 sleep a day approx 2hrs most days though yesterday was 40min today 1.5hrs occasionally he will have 2 sml naps again we just go with the flow he dropped the morning nap and settle for one around 12pm instead

    he is all of sudden saying nmore things and other people besides family can understand so you know he is actually sayign them his all time favourite word is What!!!!, also huh, dad, mum, uh oh

    thinks he is mr independance and must feed himself everything except his bottle refuses to hold it

    has just started very fast walkign almost running

    going thru a shy stage where he will hide his face evn from people he knows
    getting a little clingy with me......

    I am a SAHM too, we try to do mums group at least every 3 weeks or so, 5 other mums and babies ranging from may 06 born thru to oct 06 he takes a little while to warm up with these kids even though he has known them since he was 4 weeks old (just like his mummy)

    loves water any puddle, bucket, dogs water must be played with

    pretty much it
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    My DS is almost 16mnths.. can say only about 4words. inc mama and dada.. (i dont think he uses these in the correct context though) runs everywhere, loves climbing. having one day cleep. appr 2 hrs, and a bottle morning and night. plus 3 meals a day & snacks.. also very clingy!

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    My DD is close to 16 months
    She has 2-3 bottles/day.
    3 main meals and 1-2 snacks.
    She only has one sleep a day now for approx 2 hours.
    Is running everywhere, climbing things.
    She only has 3 words but lost of babbling.
    She also likes socialising, we go to a mums group once week, occasionally a playgroup and occasionally gymbaroo.

    I wouldn't worry bout cutting back on milk or sleep yet if its working well for you at the moment.

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