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Thread: Whats your babies size in clothing??

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    DS is 5 months old. He has been wearing size 0 since he was 10 weeks old (although he is now wearing size 1 in the bonds rompers - they are a bit smaller)

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Ezz, sounds so similar to my DD. She is in "1" bonds rompers too (the fluffy ones she wears at night as it's cooler now). The "0" are just a little tight on her. But she's "0" in everything else! I found "1" bonds rompers hard to find in Target/Big W and K Mart actually, had to go to Myer! All of her other clothes are hand me downs, I have so many hand me downs that are great and I haven't had to buy much at all which is great because they grow so quickly!!!

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    Wow, everyone has such big bubs, my son is 5 1/2 months old and still in 000 but moving into 00 now, although he's been in 00 wondersuits for a couple of months as they tend to be smaller and he has quite big feet!

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    frazaled1971 Guest


    well my son will be 10 weeks old this saturday and he has just gone to a size 0 but he is quite long

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    Thanks so much for all your feedback guys its been so interesting reading what your little darls are wearing. My dd is now fitting into size 0 and also size 1 in other brands, I can't believe shes in the 97 percentile, I hope thats healthy

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    this thread has been helpful, i forgot what sizes my dd's wore at what age and this has helped me to buy clothes for my next one and not many small ones. Thanks for the info.

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