thread: When do they grow out of Newborn Nappies

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    Sep 2004
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    I thought id just post and add that hendrix grew out of newborn size at around 6 weeks but we extended their use until yesterday (7.5 weeks) as we had some left over. We had a couple of leaks though. Now he is in big boy nappies!! God they grow quickly!!

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    Oct 2004
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    Blake has been in 'infant huggies' for about two weeks. We were getting leakage every nappy which was annoying during the night. It didn't dawn on me that he had outgrown his nappy! He was 5.4kg at his 5 week weigh in a fortnight ago and he was leaking before that.

    I bought a 'bulk' pack of 48 infant nappies at Coles which is the largest size infants I could find and called Kimberly Clark to find out if they came in the bulk box. The woman I spoke to said they don't, but you can get them in a 100 bulk box at special nappy retailers. I called the Nappyland in Boronia to find out if they have them and how much and it was $44 for 100. When I compared this to the ones I got from Coles on special, in individual nappy costs 44cents at Nappyland and 37cents at Coles.

    It is more economical find which supermarket has them on sales (usually about $17.50) than buying them from the Nappyland near us.

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    Nov 2004

    I just replied but lost the post so I'll try again...

    I bought a box of 100 newborn Huggies for $38 and had a problem with some. There was a hard plate at the back so I took them back to Nappyland Boronia. They were going to refund me but suggested I phone Kimberley Clark as they replace the box if there are any faulty. I phoned them and they are sending me a new box of the next size up. I bought 2 boxes of 108 newborn from Safeway for $35 and have bought them for $30 before too.

    We should start a thread of when nappies are on special so we know when to stock up. That way everyone can keep an eye on the prices and sales.

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    Mackenzie was out of them in about a month. They just seemed too tight for her so I went to the next size up. She went thru all sizes fairly quickly until she got to Toddler -10-15kg. She has been in them for a while now.

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    thanks for posting this, i have bought 2 boxes of newborn size, but dont think i will buy anymore just in case!!