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Thread: when to drop one feed ?

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    Default when to drop one feed ?

    I know Aneta is only 5 and a half months .. so I dont plan on dropping a bottle any time soon - but she loves her solids and plays with her milk when we give it to her
    She used to take 240ml four times a day.. now its 180ml.. sometimes less..

    Normal ??
    What age is it suggested to drop one bottle feed??

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    she'll let you know when she is ready to.
    Milo only recently went from 4 180ml feeds to 3. He started consistantly leaving more than half of his middle two bottles, and seemd much happier to delay the morning one so one day I just gave him his lunch a bit early, and no bottle, and he was fine. It also meant the afternoon bottle moved forward an hour or so, and he drinks most of it now.

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    I think Jordan was having 4 feeds a day up until he was about 7-8 months.
    he just refused the bottles of EBM (as I had returned to work by then).
    At about 10 months he dropped the afternoon feed and has been on 2 since.

    He just refused to drink or would fuss around. If you think bubs is ready to drop the feed done offer it and see how she goes. If she asks for it then give it to her but if she doesnt ask she may be ready to drop one.

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