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    I still wash DS using only water. It cleans him up OK. I think I have used one baby wipe in the last month.

    But when should I start using baby soap and baby shampoo and all that jazz? He does have baby toothpaste, but what about soap?

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    I don't know if this helps Ryn, but for Nicholas in the bath I use olive and lavender oils, and in the shower just sorbelene. For his bum, plain water, unless it's a bit red, then chamomile tea! He has very dry skin though, hence the moisturising type stuff we use.

    I guess if he's getting a bit of hair you could use shampoo, otherwise I don't really know! I guess you'll know when he's so grotty that water alone doesn't clean him LOL.

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    I guess you can start using "soap" etc when he is getting a bit dirty from crawling or playing etc. Personally I by passed the "baby" specific washes and went straight for the low allergy non soap washes that you can get from the chemist. They are heaps cheaper if you buy in bulk, and they don't have any unneccessary ingredients. I used this wash on DD's hair up until it grew to her shoulders.

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    izzy has mild eczema so we have had to be careful what we use, and I feel funny washing her without anything in the water - silly I know when she isnt "dirty" as such but still, so I use products that are all natural like Avado, Gaia and I just picked up some Keri samples at the baby show. I use a bit of baby wash in the bath and a bit on her head and bot to wash her with. Lots of moisturiser for her dry eczemery (heehee) skin and I use Aromababy barrier balm on her bot and at times her eczema and she has never had nappy rash!

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    DS essentially still showers/baths with just water, he seems to come up pretty clean! And we use a natural cream on him when his skin gets a bit dry, like in winter.

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