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    Hi, DD (15mnths)says appr 3 words, mama dada and dogs name, and babbles all day long, can babble for half hr once wakes up in morn.

    hoe many words does your toddler at this age speak, would love to know, as there is sucha wide variance.

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    Sounds like my 18 month old too! he is just starting to say his sisters names and grandad etc but at 15 months he said about 3 things. I have found that all 3 of mine have been different in the talking stakes.

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    Darcy started talking about 10 months. (please don't think I'm bragging - but you asked for variance). I a weekend she could all of a sudden say Mum, Nan and Bird.
    She'd say close to 200 words rights now: colours can count to 10, songs, the toys names , food etc. I have no idea how either as it's just her and I - maybe that's it - I need someone else to talk to lol.

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    wow that is amazing!!!!! is that super ultra above average?? (im not sure cos im only at 8 months so only know whats average up to that age iykwim) hmmmmm i might start focusing on using the same words more often i didnt realise that she would be starting to understand me now... although she does say mum and dad etc, but i think she probably only really knows what mum means, the rest is coincidence.

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    My daughter started talking quite early too, and she is now 17 months and says at least 150 words if not more. She has just started saying sentences in the last couple of weeks, things like 'my teddy' etc and her newest is 'i see you'. I think she is ahead of her age group, she just is chatter box, I think partly because my husband and I talk ALL the time.

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    Nov 2007

    at 17mths my dd latest words are 'what's that?"

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    thanks guys, i thought that would be enough for the age.. i am constantly also calling name etc, and only 50 per cent of the time i get a look as if the name is understood IYKWIM.. when concentrating doesnt always listen to what i am saying, but understands simple commands. anyone elses bub doesnt always answer to name etc..

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    My DD is 14.5 months and all she really says is "ball" and occasionally "mum" and the rest of everything else gets called "dadda".
    She does understand things though, she turns to her name and quite a few words that you say she can get that object.
    She does have selective understanding though, like when I say "no" to something she pretends she can hear or understand me!

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    Ditto Kim! DD has about 200-300 words, knows colours, can count to 20 (bit sticky between 15 and 18 lol) can say dozens of animals and tell you what they say, knows all kids of household words and object names (door, curtain, bath puff, car, house, clock, etc.) and descriptive words (Big, delicious, yummy, pretty etc.) and has started talking sentences recently ("i don't want to" "oh dear" "no mumma" "It's yummy" "kick the ball"). Writing it out like this i'm pretty impressed by her! LOL. My HV says she is above average for her age as she can also do all the physical things (kick a ball, throw overhand, build a tower of bricks, shape sort etc.) and usually they focus on one area, but i'm pretty sure 3 to 5 words is the expected range for an 18 month old.

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    shell bell - sounds like ours are very similar

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    My 15mth old says dad, mum (occasionally), up, cat (not clear, but he points to the cat so I know what he means) and nanna (I say the yellow fruit so he doesn't demand bannana every time I mention it). He understands lots more though.

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    Laila said her 1st word at 7 months, bubba.. she then went on to say Dadda, mumma, roar, hello, no, yes, (though she just says no, yes not with meaning, even though when we say no to her she knows she is in trouble), ta & is currently trying to say Laila.

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    Dec 2005

    my DD can say about 40ish words. some are not pronounced properly but she and i know what she means.

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