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    Default wrapping and rolling

    Amelie (5 months) was doing really well at getting off to sleep on her own recently- we would wrap her when we saw her tired signs, pop in the dummy and off to sleep she went!

    But, since she has started rolling (back to front only and then getting stuck on tummy and crying to be turned back over) I have found her all over the place in her cot. Worse than that, she has occasionally had her wrap twisted and I'm worried about it going over her head and suffocating her. So, with the advice of a Child and Youth Health nurse, we have stopped wrapping. However, this means that she now rolls over when trying to go to sleep, gets upset and cries. I am almost sure that the rolling is an involuntary thing. No matter how tight I tuck the sheets in, she still does it. Sleeping bags don't help, as it seems to be having her arms out that bothers her. We have been persisting with this for a couple of weeks now, and it invariably ends up with me needing to sit next to her cot, restraining her arms until she drifts off to sleep.

    Any advice / gadgets that might be able to help me temporarily restrain her arms until she gets to sleep, but not while she is asleep?

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    our mchn said to stop wrapping one DS could roll, which for him was at 5 months.
    I swapped him in to a grobag then, and it took a couple of days for him to get used to but was brilliant after that.

    There is supposedly a way to wrap them with the arms in a certain position that stops the being able to roll over, maybe your CHN can show you?

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    i stopped wrapping maddy when she could roll and like rayray i got a sleep bag and took a night or two and she was great!!

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    Hey Star,
    This was a massive issue for us, but we went cold turkey on the dummy and the wrap and did teaching to sleep when he was too mobile for wrapping but would not go off to sleep unwrapped. The wrapping became a huge problem for me getting up every few hours to re-wrap so I didnt want to introduce another sleep aid like abag. Since we havnt looked back, Beau has slept thru the night every night since and it's amazing! Plus he gets into super cute positions that I have to go and squiz at!
    Lots of people have success with gro-bags so do what you feel comfortable with.
    Good Luck and sleep vibes x

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