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Thread: Baby unsettled when DH home??? Anyone else?

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    Question Baby unsettled when DH home??? Anyone else?

    Hey there,
    Just wanting to ask a question of everyone. Does anyone else find that their baby is more unsettled on weekends/when DH home? I don't know if it's the result of having DH home or just a coincidence, but I find DD so much harder on the weekend... She doesn't seem as settled and won't sleep as well - won't go back to sleep after a sleep cycle ... She's very happy and loves being with him though.

    I don't know if it's just good that he's there on the bad days or if she's overexcited because he's around / it's noisier at home or if I'm just being less on top of everything because I want a break from the intensity of looking after her & so her routine's not so good.

    He is so wonderful with her, totally involved & a hands-on dad, and such a wonderful support to me. We are so blessed to have a husband & daddy who love us so much, so I'm intrigued to find out whether anyone else has the same experience...

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    Yeah, we have the same issue.

    DF works away for 2 weeks at a time, home for 1 week. So I find that when he;'s home she gets really excited I think, but she certainly doesnt sleep as well and is much more velcro lol

    Its ok though, DF gets a chance to try and settle her, I still put herto bed though, but we now have a friend from England back living with us, so I thin k next time DF comes home she may be better because shes used to having other people here (not just me all the time)...see how we go

    I do find that she is better if we do stick to the routines, and try not to stay up too late...keep her feeding habits/patterns the same.

    At the end of the day it doesnt really matter I don't think, just he sleeping I mind, but shes getting better with that just on her own anyway...

    But dont worry, youre not alone!

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    I'm in the opposite sort of position - my DH works at home so he's always around except for Saturdays when he's at golf. I find my DD is far easier to settle when he's not here on that one day so I do think its because there is less stimulation around. I also think it goes back to when she was a tiny baby - I was probably a little more relaxed trying to settle her without being under pressure from thinking she was disturbing DH if she didn't sleep quickly etc.

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    Yep totally had this problem with DS who is not the greatest of sleepers anyway...when DH was home he was hopeless.
    Doesn't help that DH stomps around the house like a freaking elephant forgetting there are babies trying to sleep

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    most definately and not only with bubs but with DS as well. DP is wonderful with the kids tho and bubs settles better at night for him.
    And i hate mondays as i get to spend the whole day trying to readjust all of us back.

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