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Thread: Clingy "mummy's girl" - what to do??

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    Default Clingy "mummy's girl" - what to do??

    My nearly 10 month old has reached the point where she screams if anyone else holds her, including her daddy. Not all the time, but if she's grumpy with teething or tired she won't go to anyone but me. It means I have to get her to bed each night, deal with her if she's upset etc. Normally this would just be an inconvenience (except that I think my DH is a bit hurt by the rejection) but with a second baby due in a couple of months I'm really worried about how I will be able to keep both my babies happy. We've tried a couple of times for DH to keep holding her and me snuggle up to both of them but she just pulls away from him and holds her arms out to me. It breaks my heart if I don't take her when she is so unhappy and wanting me. Should I be stronger and leave her with her daddy, or am I doing the right thing in indulging this phase (please tell me its a phase!!)?

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    Its a phase! I'd indulge her while you still can, she may have grown through it by then.

    I have a mummy's girl too, it can be tiring but it still makes me smile when she won't have anyone else!

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    I agree that it's most likely a phase. She could sense also that your pg. Enjoy it while you can, but at the same time keep trying for her to go to others. One day she'll change and be daddy's girl (like my DD at the moment).

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    I have the same problem with BOTH my boys, i have them in daycare one day a week for my own peace of mind (zhai goes 2 days) and a day to relax and unwind. It sounds bad but sometimes i just need a little timeout. I also put them in to learn that im not the only person who can care for them, and it seems to be working for jett. Zhai is used to it now, and loves going to preschool (has been for 1.5 years) Jett loves it now, when we go to drop Zhai off on wednesdays Jett cracks a wobbly to go and play...
    Sorry got off the subject there a little...
    When Jett is really clingy i dont pick him up i sit on the floor with him for 2-5 mins and play then get up and do what i was doing... It works for me sometimes, other times i just have to let DF/FSIL listen to the crying and walk out for a bit. Maybe drop her off at your mums for a while??

    Hope that helps a little..

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