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    Default green bowel motions

    My DD is 13 weeks and yesterday she had two dirty nappies which were both bright green, then again today. Does this mean anything? If anyone can give me some advice it would be muchly appreciated. She is bf, but I give her one bottle of formula at night to help increase her weight.

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    Hi Dianne, I think there are a number of reasons why a baby's poo can be green. It may be the formula is doing it to her. It may be something else. I Googled and found this info about b'fed babies:

    If your baby's stools are nearly always green and if he is not gaining weight well even though your milk supply seems fine, then it could be that he is getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. As the foremilk is more dilute, with more lactose and less calories, it stimulates your baby's digestive tract to move the milk along too fast producing green, often explosive, nappies!
    I also found this:

    Consistently green stools could also be a warning that your baby is sensitive to something. Is he on any medication? If not, could he be sensitive to any medicines that you are taking, like iron supplements or antibiotics? Very occasionally, a baby can become sensitive to something in his mother's diet which is passed to him through her breastmilk
    Sorry I can't give you a definite answer, hopefully someone more knowlegable will come in and help you!

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    Hi Dianne,
    DS sometimes has green poo. I asked my MCHN and she said that not to worry about it if everything else is normal (i.e. he is happy, active, etc). She did ask if I fed him too much (in relation to to much foremilk which Trish has pointed earlier) or if I have had some green veggies or broccoli beforehand
    One other thing that I noticed, green poo also appear after his immunization.
    HTH and hope its nothing serious.

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    Hi dianne
    Charlotte gets green poos sometimes, and was told not to worry about it...but i do notice that she seems to have greener poo if I havent had enough water that day, or if I eat too much chocolate! lol

    Didnt know about that foremilk thing though...thats interesting.

    Anyhow, good luck and dont stress!

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    I was told green poo was the iron in formulae?

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    hi Dianne - i took my 6 month old to see a chiropractor last week because of wind problems, and he asked me whether Hannah did green poos. He said that if they're green bubs is getting too much fat from your milk. If this is the case he said to drink lots more water.
    hope that helps

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