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    Introducing Playtime??

    Helo All, my son is 7 weeks today. I basically have him in a 1 hour of changing nappies, feed and then some us time and put back to bed. If i do it now at what age do i start to do playtime and what can i do. I do put him in a rocker and on his play mat and talk to him but i feel he is too young? Any advice would help?

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    Feb 2006

    hes never to young for conversation!!! just go by his cues, if he lasts 5 mins or 20 mins it doesnt matter

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    CatherineL Guest

    I just had a giggle to myself... If you saw what I do with my daughter you'd probably laugh! Seriously, I read to her everyday, always singing to her and talk to her like she understands what i'm saying. She loves nursery rhymes! We started very early and now she laughs and chuckles at me and will babble away whilst i'm singing to her like she's trying to sing with me. If she is staring at me and I laugh or chuckle at something she will imitate me... It's pretty amusing because I will laugh at her laugh and so then again she'll laugh back - it ends up being a vicious cycle of laughter! Then it turns into a game of who's going to stop laughing first. Seriously, yesterday we carried on with it for over a minute! Babies are so much fun!!

    I think if you've got his attention and his following your face, talk to him. I also walk Rochelle around the garden and house and explain things to her... I know she doesn't understand, but I think it's more to do with the interaction and it also tires her out and she sleeps beautifully! GL!

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    Jan 2006

    At that age, we had some tummy time, I tried to tempt him with soft toys moving around in front of him, he was trying to roll over, I did so many songs and stories - even Harry Potter! Well, he likes my reading voices. I also had DH tell me off for the biology lectures - well, DS likes hearing different fun words like photosynthesis, xylem, phloem, parenchyma, carotid, jugular, cardic, pigmentation... it's good for their development

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    Feb 2006

    When my DD was that age, after all I read in the zillion of books I bought, I thought talking/singing to her was the best! At this age, they just stare at you and watch you and take in all that you are doing to learn from you. Based on this, I didn't bother with all the toys and educational DVDs playing in the background or whatever - I just talked to her and sang to her all the time! I'd use exaggerated arms and facial expressions sometimes, but basically I found just giving her plenty of eye contact and verbal drivel, and she always seemed happy enough!!
    (Be warned though: after spending the day verbalising what you are doing "here I am in the kitchen... getting out the margarine... oh look, Daddy has put the empty container back in the fridge..." you will find you will do it out in public and get some strange looks! Nevermind! You may well be too sleep deprived to care anyway... !!)

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