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Thread: Screaming before going to sleep at night?

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    kajolo Guest

    Question Screaming before going to sleep at night?

    Hi all,
    Well i am hoping i have posted this in the right part of the forum, if i havent could one of the moderators or admin please move it to the appropriate place.
    Ok so my 11 month old son has started in the last 2 and bot weeks to scream when i am getting him to sleep, and i mean scream. I have taken him to our family GP and he has checked him over and said that everything is fine? I have no idea what is going on, i thought maybe silent reflux? I dont know i am
    He only starts screaming when i lay him down in my arms, he really tries to struggle...he use to do this every now and then when he was over tired but if i stod up with him and bounced back and forth he would go to sleep, last night he worked himself up that much that he just would not settle on me.

    So i put him in the pram and rocked him back and forth, i havent done this before with him but used this alot with my elder two.
    Also lately he is waking during the night and not settling, or when i re-settle him he wakes up as soon as i puthim back in his cot in his room. So he has ended up in my bed, i know this is not a habit i wanted to get into, but i need sleep....

    So does anyone have any advice they could offer, especially about transitioning him back into his cot and keeping him in there, i have never had tis problem with my other son or daughter.


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    I have noticed that no-one has replied so I thought I would send you :hugs:. I know it is sooo very hard when you know there is nothing physically wrong with them yet they won't stop screaming.. If only they knew how good sleep is.

    Being that your bub is 11 months old he would have some understanding about "bed time". Can you make it fun, read stories, play a "bed" game, give teddies kisses - something that will kind of take his mind off things.

    That's really all the advice I can give. I have a 2.5 year old that we finally have moved from our bed to a mattrass on the floor next to DH, so I suppose I am not really the best person to give advice...

    Good Luck, I am sure it will get better and you will find something that works for you .


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    kajolo Guest


    Thankyou MickynDan for your reply

    Last night wasn't to bad, so i am thinking it is just a stage he is going through at the moment. He didnt resist me getting him to sleep at all, he was really good and went to sleep quiet easily campared to some of our recent nights.

    I put him down in his cot at 11 and to my suprise he woke up at 8:10.
    He stayed asleep throughout the morning rush and i basically had to wake him, because we had to take his sister to school.

    Here is hoping that tonight goes just as smoothly


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    Good luck with future nights!! My DS is only a little older and has only just started to resettle himself in the cot. Of course, we do pat his back a little in the cot, but he won't let me try to settle him in my arms anymore, just wiggles and starts crying. So our trick is to put a music thing on, stroke the back of his head a little, and then pat his back like a heartbeat. Like, we put some pressure on his back with the palm of our hand, and then with two fingers, go pat pat, really quickly and quite firmly. Seems to do the trick every time
    Good luck!!!! Its difficult being a parent most days, but even harder when they fight sleep!!

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    Sarah has tantied every night since we put her in a cot. the cry she does is screaming, but is sounds different to her emotional cry. if you can handle leaving him in the cot for 15 minutes then going in you might find that he is trying to settle himself and that is the only way he knows how. she has started to settle easier since putting her on a mattress on the floor.

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    kajolo Guest


    Thanks ladies,

    At the moment Lochie is sharing a room with his older brother JD so i am not sure about putting a matress on the floor, although i did do this when i transitioned JD from a cot to his bed at 13 months.

    I will update later tonight or tomorrow or make that when ever i get time
    But i can only hope tha he will go to sleep a little more easier each night, i can not leave any of my children to cry, i just do not have it in me.

    Not to mention that he would wake the older two up then i would have three screaming children and still only one pair of hands

    Thanks heaps for all your advice, it is all appreciated !!!!

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    Hi Kajolo,

    Sometimes babies just need to have a good old cry to "get it out", so to speak. At that age it really is their only way of expressing how they feel about their day and/or releasing any pent-up emotions in order to be able to then wind down and go to sleep.

    I know that doesn't help you much, but hopefully it's just a phase. Has anything changed recently (ie. sleeping arrangements, family changes, etc)? Sometimes it's an adjustment period...

    HTH xo

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    kajolo Guest

    Default Update

    Just thought i would post a bit of a update on how things are going with Lochlan.
    Last night he slept from 11-9:30am in his cot undisturbed all night.
    I took him to another doctor on Wednesday and he has Tonsilitis
    So that could be explaining some of his screaming.

    So far out of the last three nights he has only ended up in my bed once and that was wednesday night from 4 am onwards.

    So things are looking up here and going good.

    The whole me getting him to sleep is still a bit of a issue and i was thinking of starting self settling soon but i cant handle any of my children crying, not as in i can handle it but as in a can not leave them to cry IYKWIM.

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