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Thread: why did you choose not to go ahead with vaccination/immunisation

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    Default why did you choose not to go ahead with vaccination/immunisation

    hi all
    i am meant to take DS for the 1st round of these in about 3 weeks and i am wanting some info on the pros and cons. I know it is a controversial issue and i dont want to start a big debate but if you could share why you chose not to vaccinate that would be helpful. I am asking for the reasons why not as I guess DH and I have always assumed we would do this and so I am now looking for arguments the other way to ensure we are aware of all issues...
    If anyone who chose TO vaccinate and has strong opinions/reasons this is of course also welcome.
    Many thanks.

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    pregpan there was a huge discussion on this ages ago if you are looking for more info... its in the Gentle Parenting forum... I'll dig up a link for you.

    Personally my first daughter was vaccinated to start with but I was wary. In the end I delayed most of her vaccinations, I gave her homeopathic help against diseases & I had a special vaccination done where the vaccines had been flown in from overseas to split up the MMR. That was my choices and they were all broken up & chopped & changed as I read and got confused and tried to make decisions.

    My second daughter had a vaccination at 6months but hasn't had any since or before. I was planning on delaying her vaccinations and not getting most of them done.

    Since having her vaccination my first daughter was tested for different things & it was found she had mercury toxicity. I'm not saying this to scare you or anyone who choses to vaccinate, she had an underlying allergy which caused her to absorb or not absorb things put into her body differently. So she absorbed mercury from her vaccinations. That is the only place I can figure she's come into contact with mercury... so I have now chosen not to have my second daughter vaccinated as well as any further vaccinations for my first daughter.

    ETA: Speaking of vaccinations... - BellyBelly Forums ~ Pregnancy, Birth & Baby here's the link to the thread I was talking about

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    thanks a lot for the link and your info - reading now!

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    Default Why I chose NOT to vaccinate

    I chose early on that I was not going to vaccinate my kids, for various reasons. They will all be administered homeopathic prophylaxis kits (alternative to vaccination).

    Years ago, a lady who I went to uni with claimed her daughter had become completely despondent (non-verbal) after having a seizure a few hours after her MMR at age 1, and was later diagnosed with autism. Previous to this incident she was a very bright, bubbly, talkative child. This started me doing research into vaccines, and I was ashtonished to find hundreds of parents who had similar stories, and had started refusing vaccines because their instinct told them that something wasn't quite right.
    Not long after I joined the AVN email group (Australian Vaccination Network), which reports cases of adverse vaccine reactions, amoung other things, in their monthly online newsletter, 'Informed Voice'.
    If you are interested in finding out out more about why parents choose not to vaccinate- see the article here on belly belly (click on 'articles' on the the homepage) titled 'Ten Reasons Why Parents Choose Not to Vaccinate'. That will give you some idea. I won't go on about the details here as I'll be here all day!!
    I also highly recommend you google Jenny McCarthy and Autism - you will see her discussing her view on vaccines and her previously Autistic son on Larry King Live, Oprah, etc.
    If you want anymore information, you can contact the AVN online.
    And remember, vaccines do not have to be a black or white debate. Many parents choose to delay vaccines until their child's immune system is more developed, some choose to split combined vaccines (such as the MMR) and administer them seperately over a long period of time, and others choose to administer their children a couple of vaccinations, whilst avoiding others that are associated with higher risk factors.
    (Many avoid the MMR combined vaccine).

    A wonderful argument for the use of vaccines is this- every child is different, right? Every child comes out with a different weight and shape, and at different ages. Each has their own unique constitutional strengths and weaknesses, and they develop at different rates. How is it then, that we offer premature babies, born with severely underveloped immune systems the exact same standardised vaccine dosage as a baby born at 42 weeks, with absolutely no health complications whatsoever? Where is the logic in this? There are many who argue that whilst vaccines may offer some protection against diseases, the dosage needs to be tailored for the individual babies age, weight and constitution. It's a fair argument, I believe.

    Best of luck in your research and your decision. And remember- as someone has quoted on this site before- 'Educated people QUESTION what they are told, uneducated people DO what they are told.' Allow yourself to be informed with an open mind and don't let anyone make you feel stupid or irresponsible for any decision you make regarding your child. Trust your instinct!!

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    This is goign to sound like I am anti vaccine, which I am not. But I have two children that took to the vaccines differently. My first child, was your typical vaccination dream I suppose, he took them all on schedule and not even a wink of sleep lost.

    My second a different story. Parker has a lot of health issues and I truly beleive that most were caused due to vaccinations. He has a type of low immunity, which may be the reason that these things always go wrong.

    Unfortunately for me we didn't work this out until last year and he had all but his 4 year old MMR immunisations. Since this was his last one, going to school next year, we got it done 4 weeks. Since then he has had 4 different types of rashes, was treated precautionally for meningecoccal and now being tested for allergies. He has been grumpy and agro, but in the scheme of things is starting to get a bit better now.

    I wish I had followed my gut and waited or not got it done yet. But it was the last one, i thought it would be easier to get it done with.

    If we have another child I do think I will get him/her immunised, but probably use homeopathics until they are older then do one at a time, slowly and see how it goes.

    there is a lot of reasearch to suggest that in some kids, they just don't have enough immunity yet when they are first born and takes time to build up, dosing them at birth with vaccinations on these kids, makes other problems.

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    I had my first two immunisied on the exact days they were due, I also had them immunised for the 'extras' that weren't on the schedule as I thought I was being a good mum and protecting my children from harmful diseases.
    Years later we have found out that the immunisations have caused all sorts of issues. My oldest has damage to her bowel linging caused by the additives in the vaccines, she has malabsorbsion issues, food intollerences and OCD. My youngest has severe life threatening allergies and is extremely chemically sensitive. My next bub will NOT be getting any immunisatoins, not even VitK.
    There is alot of research being done on this issue, especially in the States. If you google 'Mary Megson DTP vaccine' you will get some interesting research info on the effects of the DTP vaccine and what damage it causes to genetically susceptible children.
    The problem is the governments keep saying nothing is conclusive, it's very difficult to get the establishment to admit they may have been wrong about immunisation so follow your instincts as a mother. We will be using homeopathic immunisation which as been proven to have great success.You could google 'homeopathic meningococol vaccine in Brazil' to see some interesting statistics.

    From someone who used to be very pro immunisation

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    Vaccinations - touchy subject!

    When I was a young mum I was never aware that I had a choice in vaccinating my child. My first was fully vaccinated till he was 5, after that I got wise. I do not vaccinate any of my children or the family dog!

    My oldest fully vaccinated boy got wooping cough so bad it blew the retinas in his eyes, my girls (non immunised) also got whooping cough but not as bad but the doctor tried to tell me it was because they weren't immunized! BULL#@*&!

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    My answer to whether I vaccinate is 'not yet'. And it may be never. I think I might think more seriously about some perhaps when the kids are 4 maybe...dunno.

    Also thinking about homeopathic vaccination too.

    For us, Riv was a snuffly baby, and I figured his immune system was already busy enough, without inflicting an unnecessary assault on it. But I'll never say never, I do see the positives in vaccination, but there is so much we don't know about our vaccines, and I'm not going to vaccinate til my kids are older and bigger, and able to cope better with vaccination.

    The BB article's definitely a good start. All the best, it is difficult to find balanced information, although the AVN's not too bad. A lot of info out there either seems to be propaganda or scare-tactics.

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