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thread: 03/07/2010 - Oscar&Grouch's ...

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    03/07/2010 - Oscar&Grouch's ...

    ...little man has made his very dramatic appearance...

    Jett Axel Storm

    Born via emergency CS due to 'Placental Abruption'. Weighing in at 2.3kg & 42cms bubs is fine just receiving oxygen! O&G is receiving a blood transfusion due to blood loss! Bubs is very tiny but no major problems of yet!

    Congratulations B and big brother Oscar!!

    Rest up & i cant wait to meet your new little addition!

    Will keep you posted with any new info

    Update: B is very exhausted & sore but trying to rest, little Jett has booked his stay in the NICU for aprox 3 weeks as his little lungs are immature & he is being fed through a tube atm, B's milk hasnt come in yet! Her OB is happy with his size tho

    Will be visiting as soon as she's up for it

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    I'm so happy to hear that he is here safe and sound and going so well!! Congratulations B, I hope that you both continue to get strong so you can both be home soon

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    I have been checking in all evening for this one..

    Brooke, although early, I am so glad your little boy is here safe! Hope you have a quick recovery so that you can enjoy every moment with him..

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    kirsty_lee Guest

    Soooo glad to hear he's here and safe babe! Rest up! Can't wait to see photos of the little guy! xoxo

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    Aug 2007

    Oh wow! Congratulations B and welcome Jett Axel Storm!

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    Jul 2009

    OMG! Congrats!!!! How exciting!!

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    Great to see he's doing well! All thoughts for O&G and her recovery (and hope the blasted hospital gets sued).

    Welcome Jett!!!

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    Awwww Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy! so happy to hear the great news and that everything turned out ok take care of yourseld and your 2 beautiful boys thinking of you

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    Feb 2010

    Congratsulations on the safe arrival of Jett, hope you get better soon B after the trauma u have been put through!!

    Stay strong and get better soon!

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    welcome to the world Little man!
    boys will be boys hey
    enjoy Oscar and Grouch

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    rhyb Guest

    Congrats honey! I love his name! Rest up darl xx

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    Jan 2009
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    oh yay!!!!! so so so overjoyed to hear he arrived safely.
    Rest up B ur little boys gonna need u nice and strong.
    Big big hugs xxx

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    Sep 2006

    Congratulations on the arrival of your little man -wonderful day to be born (my Birthday ) ..... so sorry to hear that it was so dramatic for you both xx

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    Glad he is here safe, and what a beautiful name


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    Glad bubs is safe and well. Congratulations

    Hope you are better soon rest up.

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    congrats honey rest up and enjoy ur little boy xoxoxoxoxoxox

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    Oct 2006
    home sweet home.

    Phew, I'm so glad to hear that he is safe and sound and that B is recovering.

    Enjoy this very special time getting to know your baby boy.

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    Jun 2010

    Congratulations on your little man

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