thread: Sal & Sal have their little boy at 34 weeks & 3 days!!

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    Jan 2009
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    YAY!!! welcome little Archer!!
    You both did such an amazing job baking him for as long as you did, you must be so so proud

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    Jul 2006

    Congratulations to you both, and welcome to Archer. What a great size for 34 weeks! I am so pleased to hear how well he is doing. I hope it's not long before you are all home together as a family again

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    Woooooooooo Hooooooooooooo!!!!!!

    I have been waiting for this BA to pop up
    So so so happy for all of you, you have all done steller jobs getting Archer to 34 weeks 4 days, so so proud of you all and so inspirational

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of Archer and hopefully his hospital stay will be so much shorter than Charlie's
    Take care xxoo

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    Jan 2008

    Congratulations and welcome Archer

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    Jun 2008
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    Congratulations Sals!! Awesome work on bringing him to 34 weeks and a good healthy weight!
    Welcome Archer!! Sounds like he is doing great already! Hope the trip through NICU is short and sweet and the whole family can be home together very very soon!

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    Dec 2006

    Sal & Sal have their little boy at 34 weeks & 3 days!!

    Congratulating you all, what an incredible journey you had getting archer into this world, hope he is doing well he is amazing to have hung in there for 11 weeks, he will be a little fighter.

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    Nov 2007
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    Congratulations girlies, You are both an inspiration. So proud of you both.

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    Feb 2007
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    Congratulations to the both of you!!

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    Sep 2008
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    AWWW congrats to you both

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    Nov 2008

    Congratulations! That's an amazing effort to keep Archer in so long to prepare him for the big wide world

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    Apr 2010

    Your post is so full of love for your partner which I think is the greatest gift you can give your babies
    What a great start to life in the crazy world, to have parents who love each other.
    Love the name too!
    Best of luck for a short hospital stay and a wonderful baby moon

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    Mar 2008
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    fantastic news - iam so happy for you. huge congrats huni xxx

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    Congratulations, what a lovely BA.

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    Congratulations! Welcome to the world Archer!

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    Congrats Girls!!! Welcome little man. xoxo

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    Congratulations on Archer's arrival! Wishing you all the best and well done on getting him so far. You should be very proud xx

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    Jul 2007

    Wow congratulations to you both on the birth of your much awaited Little Archer. What a journey you all have been on, and what a fabulous job Sally did to get little Archer to 34wks 3days. I hope Sally is recovering well and its so wonderful to hear Archer is doing wonderfully. loads of HUgs.

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    Jan 2010

    Wow, that is just the best news to wake up to today.

    Congratulations Sally, Sally and Charlie and welcome little Archer. You made it so far so the rest of the stay in hospital should hopefully be short and trouble free.

    I look forward to reading your updates and seeing Archer getting home soon