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    Exclamation 35 weeks and waters breaking

    Hi, I have just found out that my SIL's waters broke last night around 12am and she is only 35 weeks.
    She told me that she is on steroids for bubs and taking tablets to stop the contractions.
    I know 35 weeks is pretty safe, but is there anything to specially worry about.

    Also they want her to stay on bed rest for the next 4 days until she is at least 36 weeks.
    Doesn't your waters breaking mean that there is a chance of infection? I know that the waters keep refilling. Though when I was in labour with DS1, my waters broke first and 20 hrs later when he wasn't born they gave me antibiotics due to the chance of infection. So how long can she wait with her waters broken?
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    Good to hear that they have managed to stop her labour and are pushing her out at least to 36 weeks, hopefully she can make it longer and good to hear she is receiving steroids

    They will monitor her for infection and monitor bubs as well and if they are concerned bubs will be delivered.

    As long as there isn't infection and they can hold off labour, she can keep baking for weeks to come, I know a few mums who have lasted weeks after their waters have broken

    Bub may have some trouble feeding as the sucking reflex may not be fully developed, keeping temperature stable and there are other complications that are possible, but hopefully she won't need to worry about them, it is really unknown until bub is born

    I hope all goes well and she can make it to term