thread: BH.. need advice...

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    kerry Guest

    BH.. need advice...

    Hi I have been having BH contractions (quite intensely) for about 4 weeks now. They have become vey regular the last few days and very annoying...

    OK here goes:

    1. Is this normal?

    2. Is this likely to be a sign that I may go early?

    3. Should I annoy my poor long suffering OB with this info?

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I had painful BH's all the time while pregnant from about week 20.Some weeks they were quite regular and other weeks I had none.But I went one week overdue and had to be induced, so they are definitely no indication of going early.I would mention it to your OB though.

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    Custardtart Guest

    Definitely mention it to your OB at your next appt, but unless you are particularly worried I wouldn't make a special call for it. It's probably perfectly normal, during my first pregnancy BH were so strong they made me stop and catch my breath from seven months onwards, and she was born one day before the due date.


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    mizzsocial Guest

    I harressed my OB with my last pregnancy over BH contractions!! LOL.. I had them bad too.. and i also noticed that if i didnt drink a lot of water, they would be worse.. (weird i know)

    When you lay down and rest, they should either go away, or feel less painful.. if they dont, that can be a sign of early labor..

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    Jul 2004

    I had them from about 28 weeks until birth. They sometimes were so bad and went on for hours that i thought it was the real thing. But i was 1 week overdue and had to be induced!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I too had BH's quite early & found them to be really annoying, around 37 weeks they became painful & often I would have to have a bath or sleep to get rid of them. I would definately mention them to the OB or midwives when you see them next so they know & can make sure everything is going well

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    kerry Guest

    Thanks everyone. I suppose being a ftm sort of freaks you out a bit especially when you decide to ask your own mum stuff she either acts as if you are a wierd freaky moron and talking about something she has never heard of or starts the car to rush you to hospital (BI-POLAR or what!?)

    I asked the OB about the stupid painful b/h I have been having and he said that its perfectly fine and nothing to worry about. He said that if they get really bad a shower, bath or lie down are the best remedies and that it isn't a sign of early labour. Also said they will be worse if you are dehydrated or haven't had enough to drink on a hot day. Just told me to grin and bear it (although nicely).