thread: Birth of fourth or fifth child..

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    Birth of fourth or fifth child..

    My obstetrician recently told me there can be more complications with the birth of your child after you have had multiple (4 or more) births already. Something about the uterus being much more stretchy? Leads to the baby being in a bad position for birth, cord prolapse and possible caesarean due to these and other factors.

    I have had four very normal and, thankfully, uneventful pregnancies and births and am now feeling a little concerned that this one may not progress the same way. I had heard that bleeding is often worse after subsequent pregnancies, but none of the other issues had ever come up.

    Anyone else heard of these problems? Or if you have had experiences with four or more babies, what was your fifth or more birth like?

    Thanks ladies

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    Some hospitals won't let you birth the 4th or subsequent without a canula inserted because the risk of heomarraging is apparently higher. never really looked into it myself, as I didn't want to over stress about something that might not even happen.

    I had a bleed after DD2 & so was watched after the births of both my younger kids, but never had an issue. And I still didn't have to have a canula inserted.

    Educate yourself, & remind yourself that 70 years ago it was common for women to birth 10 or more babies, one after the other. Medical support then wasn't what it is now.

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    I was told the same thing with my last 2 babies. I knew everything would be fine. It's just ridiculous scare tactics and BS with them trying to cover their butts just in case something does go wrong. I knew my babies would be fine and I knew I would birth them fine. I did. Dd2 was born after an hour in the hospital, unattended but overlooked by midwives. DH delivered her. Dd3 was freebirthed at home by choice. I did not want to go to the hospital as they had made me feel very uncomfortable in the weeks leading up to her birth. DH once again delivered her and it was just beautiful. Better than anything I could have expected. I proved the midwives, Obs & professors at my local hospital wrong both times.

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    My MIL had 7 (seven) children all natural vaginal births, never had to have a canula or was at risk of c-sect etc.... She was classed as high risk b/c she had multiple births but more so in getting to the hospital in time b/c her labours kept getting shorter.

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    Because you have had a larger than average number of births, you are now classed as a grand multiparous woman. Some say this is the case from your 5th baby, and others will define it as after your 5th baby it really depends who you ask. The general consensus is that there is an increased risk of some complications, and yes sometimes positioning can be a part of these complications. If you google "grand multiparous risk" there are loads of papers written on the subject on both sides of the fence. The main thing to remember is that if you have an issue with a baby whose lie is unstable (moves around a lot from head down to transverse) then that does come with it higher risk or cord prolapse but you will know this before you go into labour. The chances of you having a perfectly normal, beautiful, complication free birth are very high so until a complication occurs then there is no need to be too concerned. Have a read up on the issues and make a list of specific questions for your care provider about how they recommend your care is amended if at all to reflect your higher parity but above all enjoy your pregnancy.

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    I doubt that having more than 4 babies increases your risk. Surely that just means you're an expert?
    My mother's 5th birth (4th live birth) was her final and worse. She experienced a terrible ripping sensation across her abdomen and had a very serious PPH.

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    I have had 6 and #5 ended up as a c/s only because I had pre eclampsia. Number 6, I got rid of the high BP but got GD lol so she was induced. Still I had a vbac and there were no complications at all. I wasn't even told that there could be and I was an older mum too. I didn't bleed any heavier than I did with the others - actually the c/s I bled less If you just keep an eye out for anything that doesn't feel right then you should be ok.

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    My fourth birth was by far the worst. And was dangerously close to a cs! Worse experience of my life after three beautiful easy quick births

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    My 4th & 5th births were by far my easiest with no complications. I actually hemorraged after bub number 2

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    My 4th was the most beautiful and seriously wonderful birth imaginable! So relaxed and stressfree- and that was after partial placental abruption with DD1 and 1 1/2hr labor with DD2! I had the least amount of bleeding also and can say In all honesty that straight after birthing (apart from some afterbirth pains) I seriously wouldn't have been able to tell I'd just had a baby! like its always said every birth is different so don't let anyone scare you into anything especially without really good reason. Case in point an OB (mine was away) tried to scare me into c-sect with DD1 but I'd learnt enough about the condition to be able to say no (for my specific circumstance) and ended up holding out for nearly 3days & birthing completely naturally with no further complications & a 100% healthy littlegirl!
    So in short my advice is educate yourself on the possible risks and trust your body

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    My fourth birth was a bit scary because DS got stuck and I did have a major bleed with my fifth so maybe for me it is a bit true???

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    My fourth and fifth I had very little blood loss after the births. I think this is one of the major concerns on grand muti's; pph. If you are somewhat conscious of this then there are things you can do to reduce the risk, such as staying upright after the birth, bringing baby straight to the breast to encourage your uterus to contract and there are even some herbal tinctures you can use like shepards purse.

    Good luck

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    Birth of fourth or fifth child..

    I have 7 weeks to go and having my 5th baby, my doctor has explained all the risk factors which of course make you worry. However he also said that ANY of the risks could also happen with 1st, 2nd etc, babies. I am just taking it one day at a time and trying very hard not to be overly anxious xx

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    I had no trouble at all with my 4th baby - quick delivery, no hemorrhage, no issues. My 5th was born only 13 months later, and he was a brow-presentation posterior baby - easy labour for me, difficult delivery. But again, no bleeding, and no further trouble. Number 6 was another straightforward easy delivery.
    Babies 3, 5, and 6 were home births, and the only requirement my midwife had was that my hemoglobin levels were well within the normal range, to decrease my chances of PPH. (#4 was a hospital birth because I had GBS)

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    I had a secondary PPH after my 4th baby, two hours after a very quick and easy labour and birth. I did have a retained placenta and smaller PPH after my 2nd though so it wasn't my first complication.
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    Birth of fourth or fifth child..

    2nd 3rd and 4th births were all fabulous with no issues whatsoever. I reckon it's like how they classify you as 'high risk' after a particular BMI - a complete waste of time in most cases. It's rediculous to categorize a woman based on general statistics, they really need to look at the individual patient. And if you have been perfectly fine in the births leading up to this one, and there are no contra indications, odds are that you will be perfectly fine in this birth too.