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Thread: Can someone explain these to me please?

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    Default Can someone explain these to me please?

    Was just going through my hospital notes and noticed that it says "coccyx tilted forward" and also mentions "Limited moulding"
    Can anyone explain what this means?


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    I'm thinking that 'coccyx tilted forward' means that it was tilted forward and not back (but not sure which is the preferable position) and 'limited moudling' would mean that her head was a nice shape and not funny looking from the birth. Some babies have a lot of moulding and look like a cone head and others don't have it at all.

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    My coccyx tilts forward... no idea what it means but I know I read that on my notes as well.

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    Christy, DH thought it might have had something to do with why I had a c/s. they kept asking me if I had ever broken my tailbone? But to hear that you had it on your notes and then a successful VBAC gives me some hope


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