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Thread: Clothes after c-section

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    I did the granny undie thing too... even though I had an emergency c/s, I was prepared in this respect because I found the bigger undies to be more comfy toward the end of pregnancy anyway (I'm no small-fry so little knickers that fell below the tummy just annoyed me).

    I wore flanalette PJ's but make sure you take in some t-shirts or singlets because it can get pretty warm in the hospital.

    I bought some little slip-on slippers from target that we perfect. They were kind of sandal-type ones (but made of soft material) with proper soles.

    I didn't have suppositories either but my step sister did with her c/s and she went to the same hospital. I guess it must depend on your level of pain? She swears by them but I didn't need anything stronger than what they were giving me....

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    Melinda Guest


    I had suppositories......they gave me worse gas than I already had though LOL!!

    Helen - I wonder if Rosie has moved on......she was one that I encountered that I wasn't too pleased with!! She used to run the ante-natal classes!

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