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Thread: Concerns about labour

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    Default Concerns about labour

    It has suddenly it me that i have never gone into labour at home.
    I was induced with both my bubs, my daughter 3 1/2 weeks early due to high blood pressure and my son because he was 9 days late.

    My labours have been DD 4 hours
    DS under 40 mins
    Im freaking out that i might not have enough time to get to the hospital, and that ill be home alone or with my DS.

    Ive started teaching DS how to call for an ambulance incase mummy needs it. LOL
    Wow its funny how its just hit me and i am more then a little concerned.

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    Remember that as you were induced with your first two babies, that can have an effect on how fast the labour is. I was the same as you - I was induced with first two, then I went into labour and gave birth naturally to my third. I was told by the midwife not muck around etc if I went into labour at home as my first two were fairly short, so I also had visions of giving birth at home in the bathroom or somewhere! Needless to say it didn't happen. My third labour started and slowly built up over time. I had no doubt what was happening - you will just know. It was a fairly short labour - only about 8 hours from very start to finish - and I had plenty of time to get to the hospital. My best advice is use your instinct and as soon as you feel you are in labour ring the hospital and get going. I knew when I wanted to go to hospital - my mum and DH were trying to get me to stay home a bit longer but I just had a feeling we should go, and sure enough I got there and was classed as 'active labour'.

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