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    Jul 2004


    How do doctors measure to see how far you've dilated?

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    They shove their fingers up there Tegan LOL. Seriously 2 finger widths was around 1cm dilated or something like that from memory.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Jul 2004

    Oh well, my dignity has already flown out the window so i spose it can't be that bad. But u'd think that they'd be sometimes off scale with no figures to comapre it to.

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    LOL Tegan trust be in labour you wont' give a hoot about dignity

    Love :hbeat:

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!
    2,877 OB nearly lost his hand up there & said with shock "Oh my God, your are 9cm dilated!!!"

    Best of luck.........

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    Pietta Guest

    LOL @ Lucy!!

    I only got to 8cm but I agree with Kathryn- you end up not caring at all. People are always doing stuff down there while your in labour- They tried to put a monitor on Ryley's head when I was in labour and they couldnt get to his head but the Midwife had her hand and some wires and stuff and I didnt give a damn!! lol

    Good Luck but you'll be fine. Once you realise that these people see women's genitals every day you realise that they arent really looking anyway!!

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    Yeah both my boys had "antenna" as we dubbed them as well Pee LMAO. Lachlans fell off during the birth though.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Melinda Guest

    I agree with Pee - you really don't care when you're in the middle of labour and you may even find that you WANT them to examine you so that you know how far you have dilated to give you a bit of an idea as to where you're at and the will to keep going! LOL

    I only got to 9cm and it was quite a long process and I wanted them to examine me so that I could feel like I was getting somewhere for all the pain I was having!!

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    Jul 2004
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    I agree... I'd prefer them to examine you more often for dialation.
    My midwife told me she would be checking every four hours.
    However as I was induced with syntocin it all happened really quickly, and although my contractions had slowed down/changed for a whole hour, she only decided to check me after 2 more hours had past, and I was already 10cms!! I think I could have been ready to push Aidyn out a whole lot earlier if only she had checked on my dilation more often! (I had an epidural so I couldnt feel the urge to push...)

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    Mar 2004
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    so I guess you can check for yourself if you're game (and really bendy with long fingers)?!?
    just wondering cause I checked my os to determine the fertile days when ttc

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    Pietta Guest

    LMAO!!! No i dont think you would be able to and I dont think I would have been game!! ewwww!!


    Hey Snowy your due on my birthday ( i think i already told you that?? but yay for saggies!!)

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    okay people, TMI ahead, but for those curious enough...
    I did try to check...
    and boy it was hard to reach (despite having long fingers and being really bendy) - the cervix is sooooooooo high up in pregnancy!
    My cervix is really soft and I am somewhat dilated (one finger at least - couldn't physically try for more).

    for all those going eeeeeeeeeew: wait til you are close to your EDD - you do get desperate for good news

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Ha Ha ha LOL..
    You ladies are all funny...
    I was induced after my 'hind waters?' broke on tuesday Nov 24th at about 7pm, but I had no real contractions & so they said to come once contractions started.. Eventually went to bed & nothing all day Wednesday, just niggling pain so called & they said stay home while you are not having contractions...
    Wednesday night I started having bad contractions so around 8pm we went in to hospital & they checked, I reckon this old bag had fat short fingers & it hurt! She was a *****! I started vomiting blood & my Mum panicxked, but nurse said I burst a blood vessel in throat & all was OK!
    They sent me home with panadeine forte as I was only 2cm & contractions were not constant, but I had been worried, then about 3am, I rolled over in bed & heard a loud snap/pop noise, it was my waters breaking in bed! I ran & hung my big body over the bathtub as I could not stop the trickle!
    Mum sat me on a towel & we went back to hospital a lovely lady checked the fluid & it was dirty so the baby was stressed & had, had a bowel movement. so they wanted to put me on a drip, but because it had been so long & I had not slept properly on Tuesday & Wed nights I had to have 2 bags of electrolytes before the sentocin, then BOY did it make the contractions hard & fast... After about 6 hours the nurse checked & I was about 6cm, so she said we had a few hours more & I was like for God sakes hurry it up!!!! We walked the length of the room & I hopped in a bath & felt immediately the urge to push & I saw blood in the bath & wanted out, got back on bed & was 10cm & within 4 pushes Maddison was born!
    The nurse actually said to me "You had a hard time would you do it again?" I was holding maddiosn & said to her, "I'd do it again tomorrow!"
    I had never really been into kids, mostly toddlers roughing them up, but now I feel so maternal it's almost crazy!
    My friends were all so clucky, but never me, I have a child & none of them do!!!
    Life sure is weird hey!!!

    Ooops, sorry for the long post, I am going home now, have a great w/end everyone!!!

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    Scarlett Guest

    LMAO - have been trying not to think about this process, but I'm sure if you can't reach DH could be conned into helping.