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    Hey girls, just a quick question just something I'd be interested in knowing. I have been in 'early labour' since tuesday morning about 2am.. had cramps since then, some quite strong.. irregular though. And had 4 bm's tuesday, 5 bm's yesterday (tmi sorry) and pressure down below as well as some pains. The mw has pretty much said until their regular there's not much they can do. But I was just wondering, for those of you out there who have had this.. how long did yours go for before it became established labour?

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    I pre labour/ early labour for not quite 3wks before my 4th baby finally arrived and about 1wk before my third baby was born. I didn't have it with my first two. Its a how long is a piece of string question, it could last for weeks or it could only be days.

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    With number one I didn't have any signs before my water broke. But with with number two, I had pre labour for about 4 weeks, but it didn't become more serious until about two days before he was born. I would have bowel movements, regular than unregular contractions and bloody shows. But the plus side was he was born after 3 hours of definate labour.

    My advice, is try not to focus on it too much, I know easier said than done. Try to spend as much time as possible doing you stuff, as it might be sometime until you get that chance again.

    All the best, and I hope you have a fantastic labour, it's such a beautiful event to experience.
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