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Thread: elective ceasar v natural? which one

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    I was very pro natural birth and had planned on Hypnobirthing my baby. However, he was breech and staying that way, so I ended up having a ceasar. I was absolutely petrified of this, but as it turned out had a very good experience in terms of healing/pain etc.

    However I did have problems breast feeding Ben afterwards as my milk didn't come and I had one very hungry bubba. After 4 days of the poor baby crying I finally got him on to comp feeding and I am proud to say now that we have sorted it out and he is fully breast fed.

    I truely beleive that my milk issues had to do with the c/s as my body didn't go through the same process as it would have had I birthed naturally.

    Would I have the c/s again? I am not sure. Considering I did have such a good op experience I am now abit afraid of natural, but I will make that decision in a couple of years.

    Good luck with the birth of your beautiful bubba! I am sure you will make the right decision for you.


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    I requested a c/s for my second birth and it was absolutely the right & empowered choice for me - easier and less traumatic than my first birth, (which was very poorly managed and probably not a reflection on how most vbs go). DD2 had much better apgar scores and bounced back from the birth much better than DD1 did. However even though my experience was really good and the staff followed my birth plan and I was able to attempt BFing in theatre and then again in recovery, this is not how all CS's go. And you never know what sort of recovery you will get. I was doing really well for the first few days (discharged early etc) but then a wound infection set in and that has added several weeks onto the recovery time (not to mention another stay in hospital). I have been lucky to have DH at home on leave the entire time but without that it would have been an impossibly hard slog. '

    BFing wise - I had similar attachment problems after both the VB and CS and don't believe there was any difference there, except that the hospital I was in for the CS provided much better BFing support - plenty of LCs there when I needed them. Also my milk came in earlier after the CS but that may be because my body had already lactated once before.

    So in balance it would be hard for me to say which is better - I was physically much more able after my first VB but emotionally wrecked for months afterwards, but after my CS - physically much harder recovery - and 6-8 weeks is a loooooong time - but emotionally much happier and healed inside myself. So you never really know how it'll turn out. The important thing is to arm yourself with as much info as you can, and take an empowered decision not a fear-based one. If you feel empowered in your decision you are far more likely to be happy with the outcomes no matter what actually happens during the birth.

    Good luck with it all!

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