thread: Fears in labour - second time around!

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    Feb 2003
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    Fears in labour - second time around!

    Okay we've discussed fears in labour with first bubs, but to those having their second or subsequent babies, have your fears changed? Do you fear something more now than before? I think it's pretty safe to say that the top fear in labour regardless is losing your bub, so is there anything else besides this that you worry about?

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    Nope that was my only fear kelly. I was better prepared mentally for the labour itself this time around.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Nov 2003

    the same fears as before which is still birth , not scared of the pain anymore as it wasnt too bad last time, oh and an epistomy that to me just sounds like more pain..


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    Mar 2004

    I don't fear the pain so much this time because I know which drugs work if I need it. I don't fear episiotomy either, I didn't find that to be so bad. I think my main fear is still interventions like forceps and I do fear getting pre-eclampsia again, although that fear is lessening as the weeks go on cause I feel fine and BP is normal so far! Mentally I feel better prepared this time.


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    Jan 2004

    For me, the biggest fear i have is the epidural not working for my c-section and having to be knocked out - just like last time. It took me a while to come around from the drugs and DD had already bonded with Dh and was a few hours old before we met.
    Even to this day, DD still has a stronger bond with her father than with me.

    Also fear that if 2nd time around is the same as the first, DH won't be there to cut the cord. DD was a month old before i realised he had missed out on doing this, and still breaks my heart a little.

    One of my other fears was not being able to have a vbac. I got a bit obsessed with this after DD was born, and it caused a lot of heated arguments between DH and I. Have since relaxed a bit on the subject, but if/when we conceive #2, will let u know if this becomes a hot topic!


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    May 2003
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    I have been thinking about this a lot recently actually.

    My biggest fear is that a second birth will not be as rosy as the first.

    With Olivia I was really lucky: quick labour, all natural, no rips, and of course an utterly gorgoeus end result.

    My fear is that I had it "too easy" fist time round, and that I may have a totally different experience second time round and that I will be "too complacent"? KWIM?

    Also, if we concieve THIS month I may be able to con DH into staying up in Darwin until after the birth (June?) (where I LOVE my OB and the DPH is lovely) but if our attempts for # 2 go much beyond November I will be moving back to Adelaide mid pregnancy.......which will be I am scared of that as well.............