: First Birth With An Epidural: Did You Have Other Intervention As A Result?

  • Yes, I had a vacuum after my epidural

    13 16.05%
  • Yes, I had forceps after my epidural

    10 12.35%
  • Yes, I had other intervention after my epidural

    21 25.93%
  • No, I had a vaginal birth without any further procedures at all

    37 45.68%

thread: First Births With an Epidural

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    Jul 2007

    Waters broke 11pm and bub hadnt engaged was still 3 fingers high, then was induced with drip, laboured for hours and hours had gas, pethadine, the epidural and was unable to feel the contractions once bubs was ready to come so they had to tell me when to push, also needed to be cut and DS was helped out with the vacuum He was born 8.55pm. Was only 5pd 7 ounces. Thought to mention he was born a few hours before his EDD.

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    Dec 2008
    Paradise. QLD

    well i was induced, had epi after 12 hours of nothing, ended in epesiotomy and forceps. she was distressed, i prob could of delivered without intervention like forceps, but had to have the epesiotomy

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    Oct 2008

    I have had an epidural with both my labours. Both babies have been OP. With my first labour, I had been going with 3 - 5 min apart contractions for 38 hours and had not slept (even pethidine was not easing the pain enough to sleep) and only dialated to 7cm. My body seemed to stopped dialating for a few hours at 7cm so I had the epi and within 2 hours my dd was born with no further intervention. (1 more hour of labour till I was 10cm dialated and then about 45 mins of pushing).

    With my 2nd labour I was induced and had the epi because they wanted to put me on a drip to keep my contractions going. I barely had to push with my ds. He worked his way down the birth canal by himself. When they went to give me an internal his head was halfway out. So 2 pushes and ds was born.

    Both my epi experiences were very good.

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    Feb 2009

    i had my first baby on 26th march and i had an epidural. i must admit it was a very quick labour of only 5 hours!!!!! very lucky!
    i managed to grt to 5cm before screaming for the magic drug....which was a good thing as baby popped only 2 hrs later!!! no epi....just internal tearing. easy birth.....i'll be rushing straight to the hospital with my 2nd!!!!

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    Feb 2004

    Epidural here with an emergency c/s birth.

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    May 2004

    Wow! Look at the results

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    Mar 2009

    I was also induced, just one lot of gel. Epidural, which didn't work. Ended up with an episiotmy. They tried the vacuum but it didn't work then forceps because he was distressed and they had to get him out quickly. It was horrible.

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    Dec 2007

    yeah not sure if mine I posted earlier really counts....?
    I wasnt that I had more interventions because of the Epi - I had an epi because they had to do an emerg c/s - not really the same thing - they are hardly going to do a cs with no anesthetic lol