thread: First contact at birth

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    Aug 2004

    so from the sounds of some of these posts, even if you have a caesar, as long as bubs is healthy, they can be passed to you straight away? this is something i was worried i might miss out on.

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    May 2004

    Kimberley was taken away as soon as she was born i was only allowed a quick look because she was born at 35wks 4days.
    She was born by emergancy c/section.

    This time i hope it will be different.

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    Jan 2005
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    Mason was put straight onto my chest and then they put a warm blanket on top of us. I cuddled him while the Dr stitched me up then I gave him to DH and he got wrapped up. I took a photo of that and it's my all time favourite.
    I had Angus on all fours and I kind of turned around and crouched over him for a look and stroked his tummy. The midwife wrapped him up and I laid back for cuddles so no skin on skin, unfortunately. Trev gave him his first bath while I was in theatre.

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    Feb 2004

    I had an emergency c/s & didn't get to cuddle Zander until 45mins later when I was in recovery I saw him & Aaron got to cuddle him but he was taken away to get weighed & whatever while they sewed me back up. I made sure Aaron stayed with him the whole time & he took Zander out to meet my family for cuddles.

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    Sep 2004

    i cuddled my bubbas straight away - as soon as i pushed them out i reached down and put them on my tummy and we cuddled for hours. i insisted the midwife do all checks whilst i was holding them and they weren't measured or weighed for hours (maybe 6 hours) later. i don't know what the hurry is to do that sort of thing for me i don't want to give them up and if you insist the midwives dont argue. i have been lucky though that neither were sick when born so didn't need to be taken away.

    love beckles

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    I agree Beckles, if they’re ok they can put off the weighing & measuring & check them out while you’re holding them. I love watching maternity ward etc on Discovery Health, and in the States it seems they always whisk the bubby off & wrap it up before giving it to the mummy. My midwives have always observed them and tended to them while I’m holding them, & done the other stuff ages later. If I can’t hold the first twin, I’ll get DH to unbutton his shirt & hold her with a warm blanket over if possible. Got to update my birth plan with this after I talk to the midwife.

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    Nov 2004

    Started antenatel classes last week and I am pleased that it is hospital policy to leave your baby with you for the first hour after birth providing all is well. They want to keep family out of the birthing suite to allow the parents to bond with the baby. Also my OB said that my DH can deliver our baby so it could be him handing her to me for the first contact after birth.

    Thanks again for your replies to this topic.