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    Default Getting impatient

    Well my due date is today, but i have been in labour since saturday. Had quite intense contractions close together sat night, then died off, so I went to bed. Only slept for an hour and had another full day of contractions. Went to hospital sunday night to find we are only dialated 1cm and sent home with pain relief & sleeping tablets. Today (monday) had contractions on & off but not as intense as the weekend. What can I do to speed things up at this stage? What has worked for you? I wouldnt be so impatient if It contractions hadnt been going for so long.

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    I know this sounds a bit strange but I ate a whole pineapple, DTD and took EPO capsules, in a couple of days, I was 2cm dilated but then I was induced anyway. Good luck! How exciting that you'll be meeting your little one soon. Only seemed like yesterday to us!

    I know how much you want the baby out! IMPATIENT is my middle name. You gain so much more patience when they are here!!! LOL

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    I understand the feeling! Towards the end of my pregnancy I was starting to get impatient. Mum and I decided that to move things on we would go for a long, active walk after dinner. I went into labour at 4.30am the next morning and had bubs at 1.12pm.
    I hope things get a move on for you.

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    Hun try not to think of it as being "in labour" you will just exhaust yourself.
    If it's been going on that long and nothing else has happened (eg. water breaking, contractions getting stronger and more regular), and its firing up and dying out it's a warm up rather than the real thing.
    You'll really shoot yourself in the foot if you start telling yourself you've been in labour for days. Trust me when the real thing starts you're going to be so over it if you keep thinking like that.
    This is really common and really normal. Your body is doing exactly what it should be. It's getting ready for the main event and it's building up to it slowly. Rather than obsessing about getting it to pick up try to get some rest. You're going to need it soon enough
    Good luck.

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    I agree with Tobily. It's hard not to get frustrated when you think this is it and then it stops. Especailly when you have come to that magic date or passed it.
    I had days of stop/start pre labour so I know what you are going through. I was certain it was the real thing, come 10pm I'd be exhausted and go to bed, only to wake up in the morning and it would have stopped. Till one night and oh boy I knew it was on!

    You will know for sure when it is really it too (I know it sounds cliched!) but all of this pre labour is doing a great job at getting things started and it has nothing on real labour. You have already dilated 1cm! Fantastic stuff. That's one less centimeter you have to do when your labour starts. Think of it as making your job easier at the end

    If you want to try and get things moving along go for nice long walks or have sex I recommend the latter!

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    If i count from the first ouchy on/off tightenings to birth my labour was about 50 hours. If i count from my waters breaking it was 14 hours. If i count from when i had to work really hard to concentrate through the contractions it was about 5 hours. If i count from when "they" said i was in labour (being ctx moving up steadily, dilated past 4cm etc.) it was under 3 hours.

    I know it is tough to tell yourself when you're actually having to breathe carefully through contractions that this isn't it, but i agree that you'll make yourself crazy if you count this as labour. Ignore the contractions as muchas humanly possible, go about your business, clean, wash things, walk. If it is not the real thing it will stop again, if it is the real thing you will know ALL about it!

    My midwife told me the reason my "real" labour was so short was that the pre-labour made me super stretchy - i literally went from 2-3 to 10 in 30 minutes. I only had to push once!

    Hang in there. Plan for a long wait, arrange a whole lot of stuff you MUST do before bubs arrive and just to annoy you he or she will be out before you can get it done.


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