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Thread: Giving birth with no support person?

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    A midwife that you get along with is a great thing, I had a midwife who through my whole pregnancy made me feel very comfortable and I wanted to go drug free unless I looked like I really needed something desperately and he promised to respect this. Long story short he turned out to not respect my wishes and I had to beg for something to help me through for hours until my dp and mil pulled him aside and gave him a talking to and they were able to turn the situation around for me. I would definitely say a support person who you trust and that knows your birth plan is very important. Best of luck hun, it is the most special moment and you deserve the best!

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    I was talking to my MIL the other day about her labours and it was before the days of support people. She had to go it alone with the midwives she was allocated... it made me so sad to hear her stories. Her first labour she really clicked with her midwife then right near the end... shift change! She said she could have sobbed and broken down to see that midwife leave her alone and then have to have a new midwife who she didn't know right when she was going through transition etc. At least with your own support person there, they wont leave you mid-way and you can have some consistency of support.

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