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Thread: Going out of my mind with confusion....

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    Ally - i'm sorry that you are having a tough time dealing with all of this right now. I'm in a similar boat. I think that it is good that you are looking into your options now. My biggest struggle with a high-risk pregnancy is the lack of control we have. For me i'm looking into my VBAC options as well as hypnobirthing. I am persuing this road because i had no choice last time and have battled with losing control of my birthing situation. If you feel that you will be in control by chosing another c/s then go for it. But it also doesn't hurt to investigate all the options that interest you. This is your pregnancy, baby and body so ultimately you need to choose whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. My thoughts and support are with you Ally. Lets hope we have wonderful pregnancies and birthing experiences which ever way they turn out!

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    Yeah many GP's subscribe to the 'best medical care' mindframe and pass that onto unsuspecting pregnant women, and those who want a homebirth will know too well that they will cop an earful from a GP. Ignore them, you need to choose whats best for you as a model of care and stats just show you are more likely to have less support and more intervention in a private model. Hardly best care and most definitely not what the WHO define as best care. Completely the wrong way around. Some Obs are very supportive, but they don't have the time and the 'normal birth' mindframe unless proven otherwise. Instead, complicated birth unless proven otherwise

    Another good thing about knowing the hospital midwives is you will develop favourites and not so favourites but this way you know who to look out for and if you dont get on well with someone, you can ask she not be assigned to you. Or if you have a birth e.g. breech you can ask a midwife be assigned to you with experience in this and get to know her. You will be surprised how accomodating they can be at times.
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