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Thread: Hard pregnancy easy labour easy pregnnacy hard labour

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    DS good pregnancy with ms but not too bad and good labour. Unestablished labour 11.5hrs but not bad just slept with heat pack on my back and established labour 8 hrs with no pain relief...all in all pretty proud of myself and my boy he came out perfect.

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    Not me! Each pregnancy and labour (up to #3) got harder ... except this pg has been easier than #2 and #3, but not as easy as #1 (so hopefully I'm in for a good labour this time too!!)

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    wow there's been a real mixture I soooooo envy you girls that had easy preg easy labour oh if only my body liked me that much haha .
    For those that had hard births I think it's amazing how your bodies and minds can recover from such trumatic births and you put it all behind you and do it again ladies

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    DS, Pregnancy was fairly average. Labour was horrendous, induction, episiotomy, forceps, 23 hours.

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    #1 ..fantastic pregnancy and fairly good labour concidering it was 1st bub and he was postierior on 4.5 hours but i did have an eppi
    #2...once again fantastic pregnancy and 3.5 hour labour drug free
    #3...and again both great 1.5 hours and all done
    #4...well pregnancy was great labour only 28 mins but i went into shock so the labour was great but the after effects wernt
    #5...the pregnency was a little harder but only at the end she was 9lb 11oz and 15 days overdue but the labour once again was great 50 mins start with fine but last 2 months were hell and as for the labour he was breech and postieria and 8lb15oz and it was the most painfull 4hours and 42 minuets of my life but i got my drug free vag birth that i wanted .
    so for me its all most good pregnancy good birth
    hard pregnancy hard birth.

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