thread: How did your labour start?

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    Aug 2006

    I agree, if in doubt at any point, give her a call and ask her to come and see you. I think I remember reading that your labours are really quick too?

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    I woke up and i noticed that there was blood on my under wear. I rang the hospital and they told me that was ok, to call back if my waters break. I went back to the bathroom pulled down my underwear and felt a trickle down my leg, realised it was not pee, rang the hospital back up and was told to come in.

    Arrived at birthing unit at 6am. Was put on monitors, sent to Maternity, Started eating lunch then had a very weird feeling in my stomach. it came back again. Got up to look for a pay phone to call mum, this was at 12.30pm. Mum got there at 1, asked for drugs at 4pm, had internal done. Was told to late, already 8 cm, Was sent up to birthing unit.

    Up at birthing unit, was strapped up to monitors, was told at 5.30pm labour was not 'strong' enough to be 8cm. Midwife did internal, told me Sorry, u are 10cm, get ready to start pushing, 2 LONG hours later, my 6lb 11 oz baby girl came screaming into this world at 7.26pm!

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    Jun 2008

    I had 2 inductions (one because my water broke and nothing happened, the other cos I was in so much pain) and one natural ... with my natural it was back pain and it just didn't ease off. Ash was posterior.

    I didn't have mucus plug loss or anything noticable like that. I was actually surprised to go into labour. Also I don't remember a time where my waters broke, so it must have happened in the shower or something.

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    Feb 2009
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    I too was induced both times, so looking forward to maybe going spontaneously this time

    Goodluck hun, hope River decides to come in his own time