thread: How long did it take you to forget the pain??

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    Aug 2004

    How long did it take you to forget the pain??

    Hi All,

    Just wondering how long it took you to forget the pain of labour?

    Now I remember it all like crap, and was insanely painful, but for the life of me I can't conjure up a sensation of the pain.

    Isn't that wierd?? In our mothers group, 2 other mums are the same as me, and a couple of the others still remember it very vividly.

    What do you think makes one forget??


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    Feb 2005
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    Apparantly we release a hormone that helps us to forget ( so the species is propogated) but its not until the next birth is looming ( like now) that the vividness starts to come wooshing back into conciousness, and you feel like ( oh no here it comes, but theres nothing to do at this stage, so get ready!!) But the best thing is ITS WORTH IT. so we do it again!!

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    mooshie Guest

    vanita lol at forgetting until the next birth is looming. i cleary remember saying to the midwife when i was in labour with #2 that it was all coming back and i would like to go home now and forget about having another lol.

    in all seriousness with me i have been quite lucky in all my births. first was a bit rough with drip induction, episotemy (arhh sp?) and a forceps delivery, #2 and #3 where fantastic births without any assistance (apart from 1 dose of gel to get things going with #3) after all my bubs have been born i have felt that i want to go back for more.

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    Feb 2004

    I also remember that it was very painful but I can't remember the actual physical pain of it all.

    Maybe this is the way with all bad pain? I had a fall several years ago and hurt my back very bad and I was in alot of pain then but now I can't actually remember the sensation of it.

    Can't really remember how long it took - maybe when those stitches finally come out! Which was a few weeks afterwards.

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    May 2003
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    Same. I know that it was painful and I can visualise the most painful bits, but overshadowing all that is the high I felt at finally meeting Olivia.

    It was the hardest beut best thing I ever did!

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    Melinda Guest

    I must be the odd one out. I can remember quite vividly how painful it all was......I guess because at the end of it all, I felt very traumatised.

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    I can remember it all vivdly too and the pain of the the scissors cutting into the skin when I had an episiotomy and the pain of the contractions at 7cm dilation and the feeling of everything about to fall out with each contraction at 7cm dilated so they broke the waters and I was pushing a few mins later, and the burning sensation of the head crowning, and the feeling of the last stitch going in when they sewed up the episiotomy.


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    Jul 2004
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    My memory is so fuzzy and dissociated, that I can barely remember the pain, nor even being in pain. Although I had an epidural, before that there was a good 3 hours after they put me on the syntocin drip where I know it was intensely painful... but I cant really remember it at all.... I think I was too high on the gas maybe? LOL

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    katanya Guest

    hmm the further away from it I get it seems that the pain was nothing..I did have a good labour, apart from the awful induction tears, and I had an epidural..I remember saying distinctly afterward that I would have 5 children with an epidural..and DP said not with me your not..LOL>>so an hour

    Serious those hormones are pretty good reall because I have trouble remembering any of the painful bits at all just the good bits..

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    I couldn't recall the sensation of pain after a couple of days, even though I know it was excruciating (syntocin induction), and I remember that I was in pain...just can't actually remember what the pain was like. I had the gas, and eventually an perhaps the drugs may have had an effect on my recall of the event (particularly the gas?).

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    Jan 2005
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    I think time dulls my memory of the pain

    I had a false labour with Angus. DH was nervous but I was sure it wasn't going to happen as it wasn't like I remembered. When it started for real it was like OMG I remember this here we go! In between gas episodes I apparently said don't let me do this again.
    I don't remember saying this and I've forgotten about the pain cos we are TTC again.

    I think once the stitches heal and the machinery starts working again...

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    Jun 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    I can remember it being painful but cannot muster up feelings to remember 'how' it felt.
    Good thing too becuase at the time of 'crowning' i yelled at dh that I was never going to put myself through this pain ever again .... I want heaps more kids - lol

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I still remember because I was having the same pain for a few days. Still, I didn't get to experience much in the way of proper contractions so it doesn't seem like it was so bad.

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    Oct 2003
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    what pain LOL??? Just kidding, I reckon the labour pain I forgot straight away, unfortunately the c/s pain stuck around for a few weeks and I still feel twinges now and then that remind me...

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    Nov 2004

    my first was awful-10 days late, very hard and fast labour, and an episiotomy that has a few stitches tear and get infected. But after a while, i forgot about it, and fell preggars with #2. The pain came rushing back back with the first contraction, but the birth wasnt too hard. I was so afraid of tearing my episiotomy scar i tried to push my bub back in as he crowned. But you do forget about these things, thought the easier the labour and delivery, the easier you forget!