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    Jennifer Guest



    Just wondering if anyone has used Hypnobirthing as a natural method of Childbirth?? I was wondering if it was sucessfull and if you would recommend it?

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    Ms Lee Guest

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am researching this ATM and am very interested in this technique to birth this time. I'll try anything to not go through what I went through the first time.

    Here is the story of a girl I have chatted with in relation to hypnobirthing and I know she'd love me to spread her story...

    "I started the process by going to a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner. I spent about ten hours in total with her learning how to completely relax myself at will, and doing some exercises in convincing myself that my son's birth would be pain free and wonderful. The cost was $380 although individual hypnotherapists' costs will vary. Peter Jackson is the only person in Australia qualified to teach others how to teach the hypnobirthing, so he knows everyone in Australia who does it. *Do a web search to find his site.*

    As part of the course I was given tapes and a book so that I could practice the techniques at home. In the last 3 months of my pregnancy I spent about 15 minutes most days practicing how to relax, and listening to my tapes. Most of the time I fell asleep at the end of the tape, and I still use the techniques now if I can't get to sleep!

    When I went into labour at about 1pm I decided that I was so relaxed there was no point listening to my tapes so I just watched TV (What can I say – Oprah was on!). Big mistake, I started to get stressed and with the stress came pain, so I went into hospital at about 8pm where it was discovered I was 7cm dilated. My midwife (who has as a result of my birth trained to become a hypnobirthing practitioner) and my husband calmed me down by helping me relax my breathing and my body. They put on my tape, got me in the bath, and I relaxed.

    For the next 9 hours (I got stuck at 9cm dilated) I was in no pain, and just about sleeping between contractions. In fact there was a student midwife there and she thought I was sleeping through the contractions too, but I was wide awake, just very relaxed. I was in control of what was going on, so it wasn't like I was out of it like I may have been if I was on pethadine, for example. I didn’t ask for any drugs because at no point did it even occur to me that I needed help. My lovely son was born at 4.48am weighing 8lb 2oz, because I used no drugs he was wide awake and alert straight away. I was able to leave hospital the next morning. The only pain I felt was when he crowned, as I suffered from a 2nd degree tear (owch!)

    I am trying for another baby now and would not give birth any other way. People often comment on what a contented baby my son is and this is a common "after-effect" of having a calm birth."

    I was certainly inspired by this story and others I have read about on Peter Jacksons website. Hope that helps! Sorry it's so long though.

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    Ms Lee Guest

    Wow Ellen I'd love to hear how your sessions go. How did you find your course and if you don't mind me asking how much is your's going to cost? I have been quote around $500 but they were private sessions.

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    Aug 2004
    Sth East Melbourne

    I too am interested in hypnobirthing and have been talking via email to a practitioner on the gold coast where I am who is also a doula. Doulas are basically someone who is with you through the birth and depending on your needs afterwards too.

    She has many different levels of support she offers alog with the hypnobirthing. I think I will definately be going this way when my time comes.

    If anyone would like, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will gladly pass onto you the information I have been given, along with the names of the sites I have got the information and names through.

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    Hi Girls

    Not sure if you are aware of this now or not, but the new BellyBelly site has an article on Hypnobirthing that you might like to read. If you want to check it out click Hypnobirthing

    I hope that this article provides a bit more info for you all.


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    Ms Lee Guest

    Hi girls, I didn't get any notification that there were any replies after mine so I've only just come back for a look. I am actually going to buy a self-taught home kit from an American website. I have had corresspondance with a girl from QLD who has done it and she said it was brilliant and it's half the price of private lessons which for me is a real bonus.

    Can't wait to hear how your birth goes Ellen. \/

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004
    Inner West, Sydney

    Ms Lee - my husband and i have also completed the hypnobirthing course with one more session to go. I practise my sessions and breathing daily and already am feeling the confidence for birthing.

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    Aug 2004
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    I can't wait to see how you all go with the hypnobirthing when it comes crunch time! I have been looking into it too, but still have plenty of time to get into it!

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    Sal Guest

    Hi girls, wow I thought I was such a freak about wanting to do hypnobirthing, but now I see that others are doing it and there is real interest!

    Ms Lee, would absolutely love to hear from you about the self-taught course from the States, I have been thinking I'd rather do that than go to a class, but want to know that it is a good course and there are no issues with American format for DVDs/CDs.

    Anyone else who has bought the self-kit, would love to hear from you, too.

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    Sal Guest

    Thanks Ellen, all the very best for your impending arrival! Please let me know how the birth goes.

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    Ms Lee Guest

    Hi there girls,

    For some reason I'm not getting notification of replies but Sal I got your PM but am unable to reply that way so I came back here.

    Funny that I got your PM today cause I also got my kit today too! I haven't started yet but have done some reading and although it seems like lots to take in right now with all the reading and CDs I'm sure I can do it, I'm just not so sure DP will really get into it but you can still do it alone seemingly.

    Heather and Ellen it's sounds like you are both set for a beautiful labour. I can't wait to hear your stories. How did your hubby's react to the course?

    Sal, I will let you know how the beginning of the home study course goes for me.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
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    Sal - you really should talk to Tiff - she know all about hypnobirthing - she mentioned it the other day and she used it herself with William.

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    Sal Guest

    Thanks for replying Ms Lee - I saw you had mentioned you weren't getting notifications, that's why I PM'd you just in case. I think you need to be a platinum member to PM, that may be why you couldn't respond to my PM. Am looking forward very much to hearing how you go with the kit, I am 90% sure that is the way I want to do it, too. I am thinking of getting the kit really early and then using the relaxation exercises throughout pg. But I'll wait first to hear how you go.

    Trish, thanks for the tip, I think I will also hassle Tiff.

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    Sal Guest

    Thanks Ellen, I think I've been to the main hypnobirth site in Aus (the one by Peter Jackson) and there are links to all the practitioners, too. Did you mean links for buying an o/s kit?

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    Ms Lee Guest

    Hi girls,
    Congratulations Brookey on the birth of your daughter! Can't wait to read your story\/

    Sal, I have started my course and am only in week 2 but it seems good. The only thing is, I am having problems with restless legs while listening to the CDs when I am meant to be relaxed and still. But reading posts on the Hypnobabies Yahoo group it seems that it is not uncommon for that to happen. It would be better if you started earlier than I have as Im a little stressed I won't have completed it in time. If it doesn't end up working for me as it doesn't for some, then at least I have developed a positive attitude towards this next birth and feel confident about it being a better experience than the last which is better than stressing about the birthing day during the whole pregnancy.

    And yeah Brookey I have ticked the notify box...don't know whats happened there?!?

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    Sal Guest

    Thanks for the update, Ms Lee, I will start earlier now that you've told me that (though I thought about 30w was the recommended start time). Look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on the program on the whole once you have completed it.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
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    I read an article about this the other day and if I get pregnant again (in the TWW at the mo) I will seriously consider this option.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004
    Inner West, Sydney

    I used the hypnobirthing method and we had the most wonderful labour. The labour was 4hours and twenty minutes from the first contraction (surge -hypnobirthing lingo) and while it was a very intense time it was amazing. I practised my hypnobithing from 28 weeks and used visualisations daily to ripen my cervix etc. They also say that hypnobirthed babies are very relaxed and Hendrix most certainly is. I would recommend this technique to everyone.

    P.s i had a completely drug free labour.