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    Default labour aide

    I found a post Julie Doula did a while ago about:

    Labour Aide - lemon juice, honey, pinch of salt & baking soda, and dissolvable calcium tablets - calcium boosts your pain tolerance apparently
    Anyone got any suggestions on qauntities/proportions? Sounds pretty yuk on its own LOL!

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    Surely you could mix it with some mineral water or something? It does sound yuck, but it also sounds worth a go!

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    Hahhhhaahhhaa! Sorry Aurora! I just did a recipe book for my mum, I'm hopeless with amounts, I just chuck in some of this, some of that .... one recipe reads, "Add some cinnamon - I don't know, a spoonful or something and some flour - OK! OK! Please don't hit me - 1 -2 cups, then!" It gave Mum a laugh anyway (she knows me too well.)

    OK here's how I do mine:

    - juice of 2 lemons
    - 3-4 tbsp of Manuka honey. Dissolve in boiling water.
    - 1-2 calcium tablets
    - pinch of sea salt
    - pinch of baking soda
    - water to make up 2L
    taste it, see if you like it. If not, add more lemon or honey until you do.

    My clients skull litres of this in labour, it must taste OK because they really go through it! One time I entered the labour room to find my client in full-on labour. She looked up and took in that I'd arrived and said, "Good. I'm hanging out for that labour-ade!"

    Pee & wee your way through labour. Along with "rock n' roll" ( swaying and circling your hips, walking & pacing etc) it's a winning way to keep labour progressing. If you're a moving target it's harder to 'do' things to you (unwanted/unnecessary monitoring or intervention).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie Doula View Post
    If you're a moving target it's harder to 'do' things to you (unwanted/unnecessary monitoring or intervention).
    ROFL Julie, I love it!

    I've filed this recipe away for future use

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