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Thread: Maternity pads... your advice please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gigi View Post
    i didn't know about cloth post partnum pads when i had my bub, but i do now, so if i were in that position again, i would buy post partnum pads, topped with cotton velour, bamboo velour - something lovely and soft like that. The disposable pads chafed me and irritated my skin no end (i think it's the bleach).

    here are some brands that do the postpartnum pads:

    nice knicker brand (sold on the wild child nappies site)
    obsidian star (on the obsidian star site, the clothpadshop site)
    noonee wilga (on teh clothpad site - she does customs too, so you could choose fabric)
    sustainable hemp products brand (on the sustainable hemp products website)
    girly bits (on the cloth pad shop site)

    You could use them afterwards as night / heavy flow pads.

    Hey my DD went to preschool with the noonee wilga lady's DD!!! She lives near us.

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    I mainly used the libra with my last - I remember, cause I am still finding those interesting tid-bit backings in the bathroom drawer!!

    Will probably use the same again ... although the majority of ladies here have a very high opinion of kotex, so might give them a go as well.

    With my first, I was preparing from really early on, and everytime maternity pads were on special, I'd buy a pack, so I ended up with 3 or 4 different brands ... can't remember which ones worked best now, but obviously libra must have, for me to keep going back to them! (I don't usually wear pads with AF - I find them too bulky and uncomfortable )

    AS everyone has said though, each woman is different, and blood flow/loss is different for everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes it is just trial and error. (I also utilised the hospital pads for the first couple of days - they just seem to be bigger, thicker and a little more absorbent. Not sure if all hospitals provide this - just as some hospitals will give you a packet of nappies after bubs is born, and other hospitals expect you to supply your own)

    It's scary how close it's all getting!!

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    at my hospital, there was a freezer of icy poles - the tube shaped, water icypoles, and you just tore one off, split the pad open and put it inside.

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    i used kotex maternity too... i had a c/s so i can't comment on the comfort factor after pushing a baby out but they worked well for me.. i took 2 packs into hospital (i didn't know i was having a c/s) but i only needed one.

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    Another Kotex Fan here ..... they are surfboards but the extra padding helps...... A Girlfriend of mine used Kotex and she also brought a packet the homebrand ones and used them on top of the kotex for xtra padding as she had over 100 stitches (poor girl)

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