thread: Pain Relief in Labour

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hi Tegan - I was told in retrospect that it was lucky I opted for an epidural as my baby's spine was against my spine and it would have been pretty painful otherwise, and also his shoulder got caught on the way out.

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    Jelly Guest

    Hi Everybody,

    I found myself nodding and smiling while reading these posts...... I agree that support and encouragement along with a whole lot of concentration and finding the most comfortable position for yourself are really important.

    As well as DH, my mum was in the labour suite with me. They both knew that I wanted to try for a natural birth but we all agreed that advice from the OB or midwife should be followed......afterall, that's what we were paying them for!

    I found the best position slumped over a beanbag on my belly with my head down and bum up. Of course, I tried other positions before finding this one but found that most others just weren't for me. The feeling of the shower just annoyed me and I pretty much spent 5 or so hours just sitting on the side of the bed leaning forward onto a chair.

    DH & mum were very encouraging and kept telling me that I was doing really well and that they love me. Taking my mind off the pain was really helpful and I found myself somewhere else. I caddy for DH quite a bit and he usually plays golf at the same course so in my mind I was walking alongside DH down each fairway. By the time we reached the 18th hole I was 10cm and ready to meet my bub.

    I was lucky enough to have an uncomplicated labour and birth and so was able to deliver my son naturally. I hope that I can do this again but I'm keeping an open mind as anything can happen and it might be completely different this time.

    Good luck ladies and I hope that no matter how your babies get here, that they get here safe and sound.

    Jelly x

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    Mar 2004

    *Snap* to Tegan, I somehow managed to push out a 9pound9oz baby without an epidural and looking back I remember at the time thinking how much pain I was in, but what could I do about it! I remember asking for more pain relief during the pushing stage, and the midwife said all you can do now is push, and she was right, the pushing helped, and my beautiful man arrived, 90mins later!

    It's good to have some idea of pain relief, but I think it is best just to go in there with a clear mind about it, and whatever happens, happens.

    Good luck to those meeting their bubs sometime soon!


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    I had NO pain relief at all with either of my kids, and coped quite well.I found that just as I was reaching my limit of how much I could take, I was in transition and the midwife was telling me to get ready to push. Then I felt great and got on with it.
    I am hoping for the same experience this time but if the pain all gets too much I'm not going to knock back some relief.

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    Hi Sarah,

    I had the same plan as you with our first. No epidural, but gas and pethidine would be ok.

    I found walking helped me with the pain and hot water on my back was absolutely heaven. You will find that you will get yourself into a position that is right with you and comfortable. I was ****ed off when they made me stay on the bed with a monitor strapped to me but i just sorted myself and found a position that helped relieve pain abit.
    I didnt end up using any pain relief which wasnt my plan as mentioned before but i didnt find the pain to bad. It wasnt good but it wasnt unbearable. I always thought i had a very low pain threshold to. Lol dont know what happened.
    Just remember when the contractions start say to yourself "right, im going to just get on with it and get this baby out". It worked for me.

    Good luck with it, and try to relax through contractions to.

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    Nov 2003

    I had the gas and air and one dose of pethadine, I do not want an epidural at all! i know someone personally who has had it stuffed up and now there back is a mess.with constant problems.
    i dont think id have the pethadine again as the midwife said it could of been the reason why Joshua didnt want to breastfeed straight away, he almost slept solid for the first 3 days after being born with no feeding as he just refused and wanted to sleep.

    depends on how abd the pain is this time as to wether ill have it again though lol, but deffinatly no epidural here, unless im having an emergency c section

    take care