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    I just had gas during Hudsons birth. It made me so off my face it is just not funny, which I wasn't expecting and I actually don't clearly remember a lot of the birth up until they took it away from me lol. I think next time I'd rather try baths and showers for pain relief and see if I can manage with just that as, as bad as the pain was I didn't like the effect of the gas on me, and I think I probably would have coped ok without it.

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    I had gas to start off with. I really wish I hadnt as it gave me a headache. As soon as we got to the hospital, the midwife hooked up the gas and told me "heres the gas so you can use it" so I sort of felt like I had to. I wish I didnt know it was there!
    Then I started having a bit of a freak out while everyone was smothering me when I was trying to breath through contractions. I ended up asking for pethidine, which I really regret. It made me feel nauseous, drowsy and dizzy and I couldnt even sit up. It made me feel all spaced out and my vision was really blurry. I have absolutely no memory for about 2 or 3 hours of my labour due to the pethidine. I was still all drugged up when Claire was born and it was really horrible.

    Next baby, I want to do it all without any drugs. The gas didnt do anything and the peth just made me feel ill!

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    I'd had a long prelabour (7 hours sleep in 3 days) and 4 months of pain with an unstable pelvis plus DD was posterior. So I was a bit over the whole thing and kind of forgot about the gas (was going to use that first) so went for the epidural.

    OMG I felt like throwing a party and those three hours were the only pain free ones I had in nine months. Seriously.

    BIg problem though was that the epidural meant that when I spent 3 hours pushing with my knees against my chest, I didn't feel a thing and didn't realise that was the absolute worst position possible for my unstable pelvis. That set me up for six months of serious pain after the birth.

    So would I have an epidural again? Yes, if like last time I was really at he end of the road. BUT I would instruct the midwives that I should not be pushing in positions that are bad for my pelvis and to instead take me for a caesarean. Six weeks of caesarean recovery versus the six months of hell I went through - no brainer.

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    I was induced.

    I had pethidine. But if I had my time again I wouldn't have bothered. It didn't seem to do anything to alleviate the pain. I requested pain relief when I *thought* I was probably about 3-4cm, but actually I was just hitting transition. Not long after I got the shot I started to feel the urge to push. When I asked for it I had become disheartened and lost confidence in myself (actually I told DH I wanted an epi and he said 'why don't you see how you feel in an hour?' - good man!), which is a common sign of transition, I wish it had occurred to me at the time! But of course I was too busy thinking I was about 3 cm and that I was never going to make it lol. Thank God it had occurred to DH that I was in transition!

    I tried the shower - that just meant I was not only in pain but also wet! I don't think it was enough to take the edge off those hard and fast contractions that come with an induction, especially with my waters broken.

    I also used a tens machine. Hard to know whether this was effective because I have nothing to compare it to.

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    Just gas.
    I didn't use it until I got to the hospital at 8.5cm dilated, so only used it for the last few hours.
    Honestly, it didn't do much. I didn't feel any effects (although they did only put it on the lowest setting to begin with), and it really only helped me with my breathing. For that reason alone, I would use it again.
    I also used it after giving birth for when I was given locals before I was stitched up.... it spaced me out then.
    Hoping to either go without drugs or just with gas again this time.

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    Niadla, try asking for 100% oxygen then if you want something to help focus on your breathing. Helps some of my clients without using the gas. The older machines have a lever to alter the percent of gas to nitrous.
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    I didn't have any, though I do clearly remember at one stage saying to myself, 'Right, next time I'm having an epidural'
    I won't though. I really don't want to dampen that amazing, orgasmic feeling right afterwards when the pain just stops and wowee, there's your baby. I've never felt anything better, like an explosion in my chest. (Ummm, a good one, LOL!)
    Gabi, I found the shower didn't do a great deal for me either. Unfortunately the bath wasn't available because it didn't have safety handrails installed yet (the birthing suites had only finished being built a couple of weeks before I went in) so I might try that next time. It's sad but all I could think about was how much water I was wasting by being in the shower.

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    With my first baby I had gas and the "minimum" of pethidine. The gas didn't do anything... in my misspent youth I used nitrous oxide recreationally so i was used to it... immediately cranked it up to the maximum on the dial... nothing... the midwives told me I had to co-ordinate them with my contractions but because they had given me sycotin to make my labour stronger I didn't have regular contractions... it was all just one contraction It was shocking... the pethidine just make the whole thing worse. It made me disengage from the whole situation and just lie there wanting to die... i lost all ability to focus on pushing... which led to me having a vacuum extraction... it was horrible... probably all because of the bloody syncotin which I don't know why they gave me in the first place. My baby wasn't under any kind of stress.... i just wasn't labouring fast enough for their schedule grrrrrr! I certainly now understand the domino effect of intervention! make one change and it just leads to more and more.... I should have learnt my lesson... well, infact I kinda did because:

    ...with my second baby I had my own ob who I trusted and who was more reluctant to use intervention (yes, a rare breed indeed!!!). He wisely reminded me that I didn't like gas last time so it probably would be better to avoid it this time. I was still given syncotin but a much smaller dose... so my contractions weren't all ontop of each other. I actually experienced having a brief breaks in between contractions, what a novelty! And because of this I wasn't in panic mode as much (also this was because I had an excellent midwife who actually stayed with me for most of my labour... giving me lots of suggestions for an active labour and back rubs when my DH became exhausted... SHE was the best kind of pain relief i could ever imagine!!! Because it was still quite a long labour I requested pethidine but not until much later... I probably could have done without it in retrospect. This time I was lucid enough to actively participate in the pushing phase which was sooooooo much better than just lying there feeling like I was dying. Also having a great team of people who spoke to me kindly and with encouragement... having a positive "vibe" in the room is a kind of pain relief as well. So all in all I consider my second birth the "best" of all my 3... probably because it had the least amount of intervention.

    My third was a backward step Due to a complication my baby had to be induced at 37 weeks. I was dreading the syncotin. Fortunately i had my doula there to support my request to have a MINIMAL doseage... the hospital didn't like that I made that request at all They said it wasn't standard procedure... the standard thing it seems is to pump women full of syncotin to bring on a very strong labour... not worry about seeing if the body could simply be "kick started" with a smaller dose. The hospital basically told me they didn't have time for me to labour naturally... I couldn't believe what i was hearing! My baby wasn't in distress... THEY were, THEY were busy that day and other women needed this labour suite. I was horrified they could say this. No wonder so many labours end up in emergency rooms under the knife... it took nerves of steal to deal with this conflict AND labour at the same time. But I did it... who would have thought i could be capable? I had a minimal dosage of pethidine but it didn't make me feel any different. I didn't have much 'good vibe' in the room which made the pain worse... but I got there in the end.

    If I had my time again i would have dispensed with the gas and pethidine and just made sure that I had a good midwife or doula with me... THAT's what made the most difference. Pain management is in the head just as much as in a drug. With the right 'vibe' in the room I really think more women could avoid that risky domino-effect of intervention. Distraction can be good... playing the right kind of music, using headphones, moving around, talking, joking, laughing.... this is the kind of pain relief I'd recommend.... and insisting on NOT being hooked up to bloody fetal monitoring!!! (When there is no fetal distress) That makes things so much more manageable.
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    Chelsea i has Pethadine in early labour to make me sleep and then gas
    Jasmine i had gas

    This time im praying i can finally get my drug free birth!

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    DD#1 - Pethadine and gas
    Dd#2 - drug free
    DD#3 - drug free

    Even though i had retained placenta and 3 blood transfusions with DD#1, i felt perfectly horrid after i gave birth. Yet with my last two drug free births, i was walking around, showering 30 mins after they popped out !!!!!

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    I had a drug free birth but I felt far from in control. I didn't get a break in between my contractions as I was induced and the synto sent my body into overdrive and I had an extremely quick and scary labour/birth.
    I'm hoping that I can do this one drug free but be in control. Fingers crossed I don't have to be induced as I might cope better with a natural labour.

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    Off with the fairies.

    I had just gas with both of mine.
    With DS2 I was saying to DP "I think I might need something stronger then gas." before I'd even gotten the gas. I doubt I would have gotten anything though since I barely even got the gas he came that fast.

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    Hot showers, heat packs, walking and hip rocking. Oh and lots of groaning at the end!
    Im with bathsheba, fetal monitoring makes it so hard to move and make yourself more comfertable by being active, both my girls were 4 weeks early so I had to be monitored but with DD2 they used a telemetry (portable) CTG so I could walk around the room/ward, stand, rock my hips, sit on the fit ball it was so much better.

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    i had gas, and apparently a 'half a shot of morphine'. the gas i think ends up being more of a comfort and security thing then anything else.. at one stage, i was just sucking on the nozzle, cause the hose had fallen off, but, i wouldnt give it back till after the contraction had passed cause i still needed to suck.

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    DS1 - membranes artificially ruptured --> possible meconium (which turned out not to be) --> flat on back with monitor ---> epidural ---> foetal distress --> forceps ---> episiotomy. Sore for days afterwards, hardly able to get up and do things for the first 2 days, pain to have the catheter and have first 3 wees checked.

    DS2 - no intervention, positioned myself comfortably, gas only for pain relief. Fantastic experience no pain afterwards, up and around immediately, felt a million dollars, empowered, well, pain free.

    My second birth was so much better. If there were to be another one I would go for just gas, or even no gas. The less pain relief the better IMO. Sure, there's pain at the time, but it's manageable, and it's worth it to feel so great afterwards.

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    I only had gas with my first and was so out of it afterwards that I didnt even notice theyd handed me my son.

    Second time round I asked for it but it was too late and Im glad I didnt have it, so much more clear-headed afterwards.

    This time Im having nothing again.

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    #1 - had gas, but was too tired after 3 days of contractions that wouldn't get regular, had epidural - HATED it, had the epi-shakes right up until the birth so I couldn't relax anyway - did not want to do that again ...

    #2 - had synto drip and had gas and a shot of peth - gas was ok, but peth made my DD very sleepy and she did not feed properly or clear her lungs with spitting all the mucusy stuff out for a few days - i put this down to peth ... swore I would not do that again

    #3 - PERFECT - absolutely nothing artificial - just heat pack - what really p****ed me off was on the birth summary under "Pain Relief" they put heat pack - bollocks

    I attribute alot of the outcome of #3 to being very well informed and knowing what I really didn't want due to previous experiences. You know what, pain relief did not even enter my mind and was not talked about at any time when I got to hospital (1.5 hrs before DS2 was born).

    Natural birth was wonderful, I feel privileged to have been able to experience it.