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    Feb 2003
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    Pain relief in labour

    What did you use for pain relief in labour? What side effects did you have (if any) and would you have it again? What would you do differently in a subsequent labour for pain relief?

    Kelly xx

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    Jul 2004
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    First I had the gas... it actually spaced me out heaps and made me crack up laughing in the beginning!! But it only really took the edge off the pain by making me feel completely high... Everything happening around me seemed very unreal.

    Later on I had an epidural. It did take the anaethetist 2 attempts to get it in my spine properly, but the pain was actually a welcome distraction from the contractions.
    It was brilliant. After about 15 minutes I couldnt feel any pain at all... sweet relief!! I could still feel my legs, though they felt very heavy, and I was able to roll from side to side. I found if I stayed on one side too long it seemed all the anasthetic would drip down that side, and the upper leg side would start hurting again... so I kept on turning over regularly.
    I did not get the feeling of needing to push, but at that time I did feel little bits of extra pain breaking throught the numbness.
    When the midwife told me to push, I could sort of feel what I was doing, but I could not feel the baby coming out.
    I had been warned that with an epidural comes a higher rate of assisted deliveries... however, I had no troubles pushing Aidyn out, and it only took me 20 mins to do so!! and I was very pleased because I didn't tear either...

    In a subsequent labour I have no qualms about having an epidural again.

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    Kameron - I had pethadine and just as that kicked in my best friend rang lol so I actually got to chat to her. The pethadine only took the edge of the contractions and found it only lasted an hour and made me really sleepy even though I could get no sleep. It was then followed by an epidural after they broke my waters and was 5cm dilated.

    Lachlan - Tried a bath but found I could not get comfy in it so I got out and had pethadine (even though after Kameron's labour I was never going to have it again) Same thing applied made me sleepy but couldn't sleep and there was only about 2 contractions I didn't have to breathe through. That was the only drug I had. I was 7cm and waters were broken very soon after it wore off and 5 mins later I had to start pushing.

    Love :smt049

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    Pietta Guest

    Thanks for this topic Kelly. I was thinking about all these things and wondering how other people were affected etc. It is great to read from 'real' situations rather than from a book!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    I had the gas first, which made me vomit although I continued to use it cos it was a distraction! Then I had pethidine which seemed to dull the pain and made me very sleepy. Then I had an epidural which took away all the pain, but left me pretty much paralysed from the waist down. The anaesthetist was fantastic, very friendly and got the job done very quickly and smoothly. I would try all three again, although I would prefer not to have the epidural as strong!


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    May 2004

    I had only the gas with Nicholas as I refused to have an epidural. (a midwife told me of a horror story about them and it scared me to have one done) I didn't really have any bad side effects, the only thing I had was a light head. I felt like I was floating most of the time. I loved it and I will definitley have it again with this one.

    Kazz & co \/
    Nicholas 26/10/02

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    With Olivia, she came so quickly I didn't get the chance for anything more than a couple of paracetamol!

    I was pretty clear that I would like gas, but when I asked for it, the midwife said "Darling, it's too late for that now......." What???!!

    So I ended up doing the whole thing on a couple of painkillers adn a couple of drops of lavender oil.

    Next time, I will be asking for gas: lots of it, and very early on!

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    May 2004

    I had Pethadine with Jack and it's in my notes that I can't have it again! It sent me right off my head.....it also made me feel very dizzy and woozy. I don't know what I'm to do next time round as i don't like the gas effect eithor????????


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    Jan 2004

    I had the gas. It didn't make me feel sick/dizzy. I actually felt very happy.
    I ended up with an emergency c-section so as they took me to theatre they gave me pethidine, then I had an epidural when i got to the theatre.

    (I was like you Kazz - didn't want an epidural, the hospital I went to had paralysed a women doing one a few months before i was there!)

    The epidural didnt work so had a general anaesthetic.

    For the next 2 days I was vomiting and had really bad migraines. Not sure if it was from the epidural or pethidine they were still dosing me up with.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    I didn't have anything with either of my girls... They tried to give me gas with Alecia, but I threw it, made me feel clostrophobic. I wanted pain relief, but they didn't get itme to try anything else.
    With Emily I didn't want any pain relief. And it all happend so fast I don't think they would've had time to give me any.


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    TDBear Guest

    i have only used heat packs and lots of panting for all five kids.
    im intending to do the same with this bub!
    for something special im going to bring some aromababy massage oil in to really make the most of my last labour and birth.

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    Melinda Guest

    I had absolutely everything!!!

    First of all I used the gas and it was helpful during the early stages but as things progressed it didn't help....even though they turned up the mix on it. It just made me feel completely spaced out, but I could still feel the pain, so it wasn't of much use. I had both a shower and a bath, and used the gas whilst I was in both and the heat was good - kind of a distraction I guess and also the bath gives your legs a bit of a rest. I had both an injection of pethidine and then had it via IV drip. The first injection helped, the drip didn't. I then had the epidural and that was great because I could feel pressure, but not pain, and could still move my legs. I then had a spinal block for the emergency caesar and that made me really ill - I vomited three times in theatre! I also got a really bad attack of the shakes afterwards.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I had it all too!! LOL!

    I started with pethadine and then some gas & shower, finally the epidural & then spinal block...

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    Nov 2003

    with josh i had the gas and one dose of pethadine,

    next time im hoping to survive on just the gas, only took the pethadine last time because i was sooo tired and it made me get some rest


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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia


    I asked for an epidural early on as when I was induced the contractions came on very quickly and I anticipated they would become unbearable pretty quickly. While I waited for the anaesthetist, I tried gas but it didn't do anything. The epidural arrived after about 30 minutes and was very welcome...it made me feel calm and relaxed and took away the pain and made the whole process more enjoyable. The rate of the epidural was decreased before I had to push so I could feel the pushing a bit, and the baby came out pretty quickly once I started pushing. I will ask for an epidural again in the hope that my next experience will be as good as the first birth.

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    poodleowner Guest

    I took one breath of the gas it made me feel really funny so I didn't end up having anything. After I had a local so they could do the stitching and then a hot shower and that was it.
    Next time around I hope it will be the same but I have been warned to be ready because my labour was so fast.

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    layla Guest

    I had no pain relief at all with either of my babies!

    With Sean I was induced rapidly due to very high BP and the contractions were really intense but as it was my first time I kept thinking that "it's going to get a lot worse so I had better not have anything for the pain yet!" Then it was all over!

    With Kate things were so much easier and relaxed and I coped really well with the contractions, which were much less painfull than the first time around. Because I knew I could do it without pain felief, I just did it!

    I think the most important thing to remember is that everyone is different and you have to keep an open mind! If you really need something, ask for it!!!

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    Pietta Guest

    I had nothing but a warm bath and some hot water on my back as I was having back contractions. That was of course whilst I was doing it naturally. they did get a bit intense and sometimes I felt like having the gas but I am glad I did it naturally for that period. Then I had the epidural for the casear. As much as I hate to admit it- I actually will have an epidural earlier next time if I have problems because Ryley passed meconium and that is partly what caused so much distress.