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    Hi, I am 17 weeks preg with number 3 and just have a question, I had some haemorrhaging with DD1 about 650mls and placenta came on its own but I did have to have the injection, then with DD2 I lost about 900ml and my placenta had to be manally removed in theater cos it just wouldnt budge, my question is, will this happen again? it seems that I loose more blood each time I didnt need a tranfusion (I think they only give it if its over a litre) but haveing my placenta removed in theatre was not pleasent, even though they put me out I was away from DD2 for 3 hrs and I felt like a pin cushion with all the drips they put in and my throat was so sore after they put in a tube. So what are my chances of having this happen again, has anyone had this happen to them more that once? thanks in advance

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    If you have had it happen once before, there is a slightly increased chance of it happening again. I had it happen after my 3rd baby and also had a manual removal under GA in theatre so I know the pain of being away from your baby for that long (hug). I also had a severe PPH (post partum haemorrage) that required a blood transfusion. When I had my 4th, there was the increased risk, but it did not happen again and there was no PPH either. But I do know of some women who had it happen with more than one birth.

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