thread: thrush and DTD

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    Dec 2005

    thrush and DTD

    well the plan was to DTD more frequently in these last few weeks, hopefully to encourage labour. however, i just found out that i have thrush and they dont treat it at this late stage, it wont harm the baby now or during birth (apparantly) but does this mean i should stay away from DTD?

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    Jun 2005

    As long as your partner doesnt mind getting it............i cant see why it would be a prob. If its painful or uncomfortable dont do it, but if not....why not ??

    ETA: ive had thrush 3 xtimes this pregnancy...i didnt know you couldnt treat it at your late stage....mmm interesting. Heres hoping ive kept mine at bay now. Another thing ive learnt, is that men dont actually get any your partner may have it, but wont necessarily know it.....(bliss if you ask me....)

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    Oct 2006

    Personally, I'd avoid it. I wouldn't want to pass it on. Even if DH didn't get symptomatic, he may well carry it and give it back to me at a later stage. Maybe stick with the top end? (i.e. nipple stimulation is a good natural induction method!)

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    Sep 2007

    You could try treating it naturally with yoghurt.
    You gotta use the right yoghurt with all the cultures & stuff in it. I'm not even gonna try saying it let alone spelling it, lol.
    You can put it 'down there' & just eat heaps & see if it helps.

    Never tried it, but seen it suggested on here alot for babies.
    Have fun with that, lol!

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    May 2008
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    The big O is a great help as well... releases oxytocin! I'd avoid DTD but do other things instead

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    i got thrush 2 days before my edd and the ob and pharmasist both advised me to treat it with canestan 3day cream. you can't take the tablet or insert anything but you can use the cream externally. also get yourself some innerhealth plus

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    As someone who has been fighting with thrush outbursts for the last, oh, 3 or 4 months (gotta love those antibiotics) I'd say don't do it, stick with "other things" or at least use a condom. It's so hard to take control back over it once the guys get it!

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    Dec 2005

    well i'm not sure why the Ob at the hospital said not to treat it then.. its not really uncomfortable or ultra itchy or anything to tell you the truth so i can put up with it. but i would rather not have it than have it.

    as for DH getting it... how do you know if a guy has it? he most likely already has it cause we DTD a few times before i actually found out i had it. not gonna bother doing it with a condom, point being to get those prostoglandins up there! :-)

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    Jun 2005

    Youve both prob thrown it back to each other a few times....i think we prob did too - i didnt even know men could get it (with all the advertising aimed at women). They still get the itch as well, as well as inflamed penis. Its not common in men though.....if i were you i would try the yoghurt, get some inner health plus(my saviour....about $25 for 30 capsules), and enjoy your DH.......

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    When my waters broke at 39+6w the midwives kept a close eye on me (had thrush more than 5 times over the 9 months and was only just getting over it AGAIN), and wanted to make sure I didn't get thrush. They wanted to treat it quicksmart... so I don't know who told you not to treat it...? I would go talk to a pharmacist and get their advice on it. Also talk about your DH too, he may have a silent form.

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    Dec 2005

    it was the obstetrician at the hospital who told me not to treat it. i'm not sure what to do, i really want to DTD to kick start things (hopefully). i guess i will hold out til tuesday and ask the GP, thing is though GP's usually tell you something different to the hospital docotors.

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    just go for it I say!!!!!!!! bonk away!!!!!!