thread: Turning a baby who's sunny side up?

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    Turning a baby who's sunny side up?

    I find out today at my 37wk appointment that bub is facing upwards OB said thats why my labour stalled last friday and that it could mean a slow, hard labour if he doesnt roll over a bit. It explains why its very painful to even move and why I have a horrendous backache.

    How do I go about turning him so that he's in the right position?


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    the best position is on ur hands and knees for a while every day to encourage bub to move into the right position..... Or knees and elbows (basically bum in air and tummy down to try to give them enough room to get into position). This uses gravity and although not a certainty, it's the most used way to turn bubs....

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    Firstly, check out for some great tips on how to get baby to turn. You really have to persevere with it if you want to be successful. I also had the same problem as you with my last pg and had weeks of prelabour in the lead up to his birth. I went and had some bowen therapy too, which I had some moderate success with, but he turned back to an OP position. If all of that fails, it is possible to birth a baby in the OP position, and some of the techiniques on spinning babies are for use in labour, but you will have to work hard to get them to turn. Some babies will turn during labour and some wont, and shoulder dystocia can then be a problem (as it is a positional issue, not a size one). Lots of lunges, squats and all-4's positons can help during labour - I even found sitting on the loo to be helpful as it opens up the front of the pelvis.

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    Swimming is great too, anything that allows your belly to hang downwards (like hands and knees) can help encourage the weight of your baby's back to swing around to your front. Also watch your posture - avoid sitting in chairs that encourage you to slouch, keep your back straight. Try to sit on a fitball if you have one as it forces you to sit properly.
    Def check out spinning babies too, GL

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    Anna - this certainly has been one challenging bubba and pregnancy for you!!! The pool is a great option and as already suggested - spinningbabies.

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    I also had some success with acupuncture! Good luck!

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    Spinning Babies website - read EVERYTHING on it and if it doesn't work, nothing will!
    Pink Kit (check out the BB store)
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    Anna - I got into a pool for about 30 mins once a week and just wallowed on my tummy, as well as watching TV when I could, on the couch on all fours. I would stack a bunch of cushions so I could lean on folded arms instead of my wrists which was quite comfy. All of that seemed to turn my then breech baby and that sort of thing also turned my first who was posterior. Do it as often as you remember to.

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