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Thread: Twins - Looking For Good Reading

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    Default Twins - Looking For Good Reading

    A friend of mine has just found out she is having twins and would prefer a vaginal birth but a lot of people are telling her, "oh, you'll have to have a caesarean for sure."

    I know this is not true and from what I've found out the stats show about 70/30 in terms of caesarean versus vaginal. She's not a big researcher and I'm afraid that if she gets a dodgy obstetrician, she may be persuaded to have a caesarean unnecessarily. I don't want to ram stuff down her throat but just wondering if anyone can recommend good reading material regarding the birth of twins amongst the hundreds of articles I'll get if I just google?

    Thanks in advance


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    Good on you for trying to support your friend, I hope you find the info. your seeking

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