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Thread: VBAC after 2 Emergency C's???

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    Default VBAC after 2 Emergency C's???

    Hi there, Im new to this so I hope Im in the right area... I was just wondering if anyone has had experience or knows if it's possible to have a natural birth after emergency c's? I had a grade 3 placenta previa with my daughter who was born at 31 wks, she was coming ready or not! and a year later had my beautiful Oscar who I tried for naturally, my water's broke but I did not go into labour, I was induced, and 13.5 hrs later they took him out as he was indistress. I would like to get a douler and try for a natural but not sure if it's even possible!! It will be at least 2 years between Oscar and the third if that makes a difference. Thanks )

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    Hi & welcome to BB.
    You might like to check out this forum too:
    & especially this thread:

    I know of one BB member specifically that recently had a VBA2C so it is definitely possible!
    BB is a wealth of information with lots of mums and a few professionals that will be able to lead you to a lot of education and information!

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    Definitely possible, if you really set your heart and mind to it, get informed, and choose your careprovider really well.

    Here's some inspiration from ICAN on Youtube:

    VBAC after multiple cesareans

    Meh. Dodgy link. Try this:

    YouTube - VBAmultipleC

    Our Journey to Homebirth after 3 Cesareans

    And here are some of my favourite articles on this subject:

    Vaginal Birth after 2 or More Cesareans

    ICAN/VBAC/Cesarean - from Ronnie Falc?o's Midwife Archives
    The above link is from the USA Midwife Archives, there's a huge list of articles and research there. This site has a Search function, so you can type in just about any topic to do with pregnancy and birth and pull up great info.
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    I posted a reply to this in your other threat

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