thread: What did you wear through labour?

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    Aug 2004

    Tightish lycra singlet top and sarong. I was SOOOOOOO comfy!! I would thoroughly recommend this option to anyone.

    The sarong was easy to lift up for internals, no problem for the epidural, and it was easy to tie up when the singlet came off. I maintained my modesty I think... 8-[ well actually I probably didn't, but it was so comfy for labouring.

    When they wheeled me into theatre I had to lose the clothes and jewellery, and they chucked me in a hossy gown which I stayed in until I showered the next day. Never felt very comfy in it. Puke green aint my colour!

    I actually turned up to hospital in my pyjama bottoms, but put the sarong on afterwards.

    The singlet top was good too, cause it sort of held my bb's in and uppish, but didn't restrict my movement. Nothing worse than feeling liek you are hanging everywhere.


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    Mumof42B Guest

    oh im with Heather, Little*princess, Kate & Pradaprincess on this one. Had good intentions, with my 1st and 2nd I had epidurals so in bed with hospital gown. With my daughter Mackenzie soon as I was in the labour ward off came all my clothes, just couldn't stand having anything on me, must be some primal thing...

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    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    Wow - thanks for all your replies! I think I'll pack a t-shirt but will probably use hospital gown once it all gets going... who knows how I'll end up!?!

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    Feb 2004

    I was in an old nightie, but into a hospital gown when the time for thearte come.

    Love your idea Fi of singlet top and sarong!

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    Oct 2004
    Outer Eastern Subs - Melb

    I didn't even have the time or inclination to think about it.

    I was wearing my tracky pants, a maternity top, bra and jumper when I went into labour. By the time I got to the hospital and was about to be examined I had taken off the jumper. My waters broke before I had my internal so I still had my tracky pants and knickers on, so I took them off. I was down to my top and bra for most of it (5 hours in total, about 2 hours in hospital). Close to the end I just had to be naked and struggled out of my top and bra inbetween contractions and just before they put the drip in my arm... (easier said than done!)

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    Nov 2003

    I had tracky pants and a t-shirt on at the start. Ditched the pants when they broke my waters & the shirt and my bra not long afterwards. Couldn't have cared less who saw me naked at that point LOL. At some point I had a hospital gown on for a little while but I kind of lost track of time LOL!

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    Mar 2004

    I was planning to wear a hospital gown but have just had a late stage change of heart and packed a sarong and T-shirt. I was thinking that I might feel less like a patient and therefore more likely to be a bit more assertive and active - thats the theory anyway.........

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    Jul 2005
    Aust- Nth Beaches

    I also wore a big a$$ daggy as nightie as soft stretchy cotton is a lot more comfortable than a hospital gown. I felt more like myself and more in control (just an illusion of course but whatever!) PLus I couldn't have a given a rats' a$$ if they need to cut it for an epidural or whatever as it was super cheap etc.

    This time, I'll wear a nightie again, but one that is like a long singlet/camisole. Easy to slip off at top for breastfeeding after birth, nice and cool w/out sleeves. I just like to have my bum and bits covered although you do lose ALL modesty in giving birth.
    I remember this poor orderly (must have been about 19 or so) walking in with dinner while I'm trying to breastfeed with breasts the size of small pacific islands, and I just laughed and said "no worries mate, I have no sense of modesty left! You can be embarassed for me if you want!"

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Mine came on so suddenly that I just kepton the skirt and top I had on. Took skirt off during the labour and had a towel over me, but kept top on and had to throw it out after!! I worried so much about what I'd wear and ended up not having to worry as I just wore what was on my back! xo

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    Nov 2005
    In munchkin land

    Yeah I just wore a hospital gown both times, as soon as i got in to the birth suite the midwife said to me 'I think it would be better to rewin a gown than your nice nightie savie it for after the birth once you have had a shower you will feel much more comfy' so thats what i did and i think thats what I will do again this time.

    I just have to agree with you all about loosing all modesty during labour I remember with my first I was really worried about people seeing me 'down there' LOL but by the end I was like c'mon in I couldn't care less I think I could have birthed in a public place I really just didn't care who saw me at all hehehehe funny how things change isnt it LMAO

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    With DD # 1 I had a special nighty I bought for the occasion...that needed a damn good soak...lol

    with DS & DD #2 I ended up with just my top on as they came too fast...I did have an old big shirt for the occasion this time but we didnt even have time to grab the bag out of the car

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    Mar 2005

    Hospital gown for both, no need to ruin something of your own is there.

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    Jun 2005

    I wore a nice big loose comfy nighty the first time. I do like the idea this time around though of wearing a singlet top to "keep things in" as I have very very big boobs and they were going all over the place last time!!

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    Sep 2005

    I've been naked for all of my births and plan on been naked this time round as well. I just get to hot and uncomfortable with clothes on, plus I always end up having a shower until I'm nearly ready to push.