thread: what was the most painful part?

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    Sep 2004
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    I had Tehya crowned and me half open and the contraction finished. Of course I had to wait until the next contraction around a minute or 2 later to finish pushing her out. Not a real comfortable feeling I can tell you that much.

    Take care

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    Jun 2005
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    I was induced with both except I had an epidural 1st time round and nothing 2nd time around. DEFINITLY the crowning hurt the most - also the fact that his head was 1/2 way out when the contraction ended and I had to sit and wait for next contraction - ouchies.

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    Apr 2004
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    And to think I thought the most painful bit was the two weeks waiting when Cait was overdue !

    I was put on the drip, but it didn't work. I didn't have a proper labour the first time and ended up with an emergency CS.

    What about if you tear or if they have to cut you ? What about forceps or the suction thing ? Do they still use stirrups ? Is it really more painful if you're lying down ?

    I think I'm freaking out.


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    Feb 2004

    Oh dear!

    Try not to focus on the pain you might have - focus on the the fact that you will have a beautiful baby at the end of it all.

    I know - easier said than done!

    Just so you know - DS's birth was in theatre and yes they used stirrups, I couldn't feel anything because of the spinal block but seeing my legs in those stirrups freaked me out!

    From what I understand, they have to cut you for a forceps delivery and the whole suction/forceps things might be down to the different hosptials.

    I definitely believe that it hurts more to lie down while in labour as you are going against the forces of gravity. But I had no choice as I was hooked up to so many things and then in theatre for delivery...

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    I am another that had a posterior labour though for me it was neither the contractions ... which for me were not painful (as they were like intense period pain) nor crowning (which after 3hours of pushing was a relief). But the feeling of her head stuck and separating my pelvic bones.

    I walked out saying never again but within a few hours I said I would do it again. Its such a small part of the whole amazing process of being a new mum. And nothing in the world can compare with the joy of pushing your baby out and having you new bub being put straight to you belly.


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    Aug 2003

    I had a lovely 32 hour posterior labour and yes the back labour is a killer. I was sure i was going to die at some stage. Pushing the head out was probably the most painful for me, but having said that, in the end it only took three pushes to have her completely out.
    I think that even though the head hurt the most, because it was so quick compared to the 32 hours of back labour, i remember the pain alot more from the contractions
    Having said all that, your body is so amazing and you think its something you can't do, but in the end, you do it and the feeling afterwards that you've just given birth to your baby exceeds all of the pain.

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    I had two rather long labours. I won't even describe what happened with #1 I had a few complications, with both I had epidurals, but with #2 when I was ready to push the crowning of the head was just awful, a constant burning sensation, I thought I wouldn't feel it due to having had an epidural..... oh well..... Hopefully this next one won't be so long, I'm hoping for a 12 hour or less labour, fingers-crossed!

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    A clue that the mother might be in transition? She starts to say she can't do it any more, wants to go home etc, & gets really cranky.

    I had natural labours, not induced & no pain relief. When the contractions had built up to the point where I was close to second stage, I found that the hardest part. It was hard to relax between contractions because I knew there was another doosy coming shortly.

    The crowning stings, but I found it not as painful as the most intense contractions. The stinging can be scary, because you're not sure if any damage will happen. To minimize this fear, do everything you can to make second stage gentle. Warm wash cloths on the perineum and also one to hold at the front, a midwife guiding you so you hold off and puff at times, being upright, taking your time if baby is ok (I was at this stage for about an hour with my first baby), and kind of letting your body do its thing & going with what feels right rather than people yelling push push at you.

    I tell myself now that transition means I'm nearly there, and 2nd stage means I'm up to the easiest part.

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    for me it was definitely the 2nd stage contractions - the crowning feels different. for me it felt like more of a burning pain (had no pain relief). at least then you know it won't be much longer and once the head is out the body just slips out like a bar of soap!

    i had a home birth and squatted during the crowning which helped i think

    good luck though - you'll be fine!

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    Contractions killed but, then, I "apparently" only had 4 hours of real labour (the 5 days before with prostin gel didn't count... hmmmm) before I had an epidural and then a c-section so I didn't get to experience the real pain of labour (yet I am somehow no disappointed?? ).
    Probably the most painful thing for me was the darn IV drip. Every time they injected something, I would scream in pain. Neil said it was worse to watch me going through that than anything else, LOL. Needless to say, I was hanging to get it out the next morning (that and the catheter that just felt too bizarre and uncomfortable for words!).

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    May 2004

    For me crowning was the worst. I had an epidural at about 6cm, the contractions hurt before that but once I had the epi I couldn't feel them...but I still felt her crown! Ouch.
    I agree with the pp who likened it to a bowling ball! I honestly thought I would split in half....but it was over quickly.