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Thread: What time did labour start for you??

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    #1 DD was 10.25PM Saturday, born Sunday at 1.35AM
    #2 DS was 7.30PM Saturday, born Sunday at 4.36AM

    I was in bed with DD and sitting on the lounge with DS when i thought 'oh god here we go again'.

    My waters were broken with DD and with DS they broke just before he was born.

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    Both Kameron and Lachlan's labours started in hospital after being induced.

    Ashton's early labour started while I was driving with my husband down to see about getting our laptop fixed. Full blown labour started about 27 hours later. I was at home and not doing a great deal.


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    I was watching funny clips, it was about a soccer game and this guy ran up to tackle this other player going for the ball and accidently pulling his shorts to one side..... then his bits and peices were flying everywhere as he was running and he didnt notice for sometime!.... i was laughing so hard that it sent me into mild contracts which was my fiances birthday.. i was having contractions throughout the night then, the next day when i went to the tiolet what i thought was my waters broke!...

    Its ironic cause i asked the midwife what happens if it broke while i was on the tiolet, how would i know the difference?... she laughed and said it wouldnt break on the tiolet.

    I didnt want to call the hospital cause i was already overdue and a couple of days ago i thought my waters had broken and had to get an internal but they hadnt. I didnt want another internal and was so scared of having one that the stress stopped the contractions. lol..duh..i was having a baby an internal was going to be nothing compared to what was going to come out next!!!!!!

    I was later induced that day at 2pm on the 19th novemeber and had Eamon on the 20th at 10:30am

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    2.30pm i started to get contractions.. waters never broke.. i was making DH a Caramel Slice at the time! Just got the chocolate on too, so he was lucky! It was gone by the time i got home from hospital the piggy!!

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