: When Did You Lose Your Mucus Plug?

  • More than 2 weeks before labour started

    8 5.19%
  • Around 2 weeks before labour started

    6 3.90%
  • Around 1 week before labour started

    15 9.74%
  • 1-2 days prior to labour

    48 31.17%
  • During labour / Lost plug with water being broken

    52 33.77%
  • I never saw my mucus plug at all

    25 16.23%
... 234

thread: When Did You Lose Your Show / Mucus Plug?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2007

    Mine started while I was in hospital having contractions. My water broke some 24 hours before my mucous plug dislodged.

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    Apr 2007
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    Never saw it. Could be still in there!

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    Feb 2009

    More than Once! LOL.

    Ok, I will go with "During labour" because 3 of them were during labour. The other two were the day before - simply because labour is so damn long it went past midnight! LOL.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2006

    lol I need multiple votes too!

    First, didn't lose had c/s.

    Second, must've been when hossy broke waters? I was in labour but bub was in distress.

    Third, this was EXACTLY 2 wks to the day before he was born. My best birthing experience too

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    Apr 2009
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    I've only seen 2 other replies from people who didn't see theirs. Is this that unusual?
    I'm assuming mine must have been so far into my labours I never noticed?...

    ETA ok, I just checked the poll results... I guess it's not that unusual

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    Feb 2009

    I didn't see mine. The midwife pointed it out to me, but I really couldn't be bothered changing position to see it. Apparently it came out as a nice complete plug during stage 2.

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    Apr 2010

    Do you think i lost my show?

    Hi I'm 35weeks pregnant...I vomited this morning then after that I when to the loo for a pee but then I saw a thick white/yellow snotty discharge. I have no pain what so ever just allot of enery so I was wondering is this my show?

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    Sep 2007

    DD1 - lost my plug over the arvo before labour started. I think I lost the last bit about 6 hours before my waters broke.
    DD2 - lots of mucous the 2 or 3 days before, but it was different to DD1's.
    DS - nothing. No warning at all! Was told I was having the show in labour, but never saw it.

    I never actually saw a bloody show with any of them. DD1's was grey & blood streaked, but thats it.

    Oosie - thats probably some of your plug hun Still could be a while yet (as you can see, 2 weeks or more), but your body is getting ready. Good luck
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    Jun 2005

    I had my show then labour started about 3 hours later. I gave birth 20 hours after the show. Not really sure what to vote for because it was less than a day before, but not during labour.

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    Jun 2007
    Western Australia

    Never lost mine at all - DS was stuck in the birth canal for 5 days and I'm sure that if he wasn't I would have lost it during labour

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2007
    Sunshine Coast

    With DS it came away over a couple of days so I never really saw a plug, just pretty much every time I went to the toilet there was a lot of mucous there. I went into labour about 2 days after that.

    With DD I never saw it at all. My waters broke just before I started pushing so I assume it came out at some point then.

    I'm actually quite disappointed, I wanted to get a look at it! Hoping I get to see it this time.

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    Apr 2010

    Thumbs up Show

    I lost mine on 27th April. It started in the morning, as a clear/colourless snot/semen and kept coming all day. The next morning it was brown and thick, I called the midwife to confirm it was normal to be really dark and she said you're OK. it kept coming until my baby was born 4 days later at 42 weeks 0 days on 1st May. So It came 4 days before and lasted until I gave birth, and changed colours many times. White- brown - red- white.

    I avoided induction by a matter of hours!! If you're healthy and don't want to be induced...?

    Say your prayers....have faith....WAIT!!!

    Hope to have helped, Love Rachel, Luke, Elizabeth & Leah!!!

    Mucho love from UK!!

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    Dec 2008
    Brisbane, QLD

    Little bits and pieces overvthe whole pregnancy. I dont remeber evervhaving a "show" although I assume it must have happened at some point?

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