my husband has been at both my previous labours, the first time my mum and friend too, 2nd time just him. first time heaps better extra support all round, and this time i think i will let him stay home. he knows what it is about, and i am inclined to think if he is not keen and i have other great female support i am happy. historically men have been excluded from births, and now we frown if they dont say it is the most marvellous moment in their life. if he does come i will also have female friend or mum again too, there is something natural about women delivering women.
i am sure lots will disagree with me, but why pressure someone be there if they arent keen.
he is a great partner and support in every way and if i ask him to be there he will, but i know he would be happy to stay home with the kids. i plan to come home as soon as i can walk out.